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E-Commerce Assignment
Part A – Visiting Sites (20 marks Application)
Assume that you are considering an online purchase. Decide on ONE item that you would be
willing to purchase online. For this item, you will investigate two websites that you can buy
the same product from (relatively speaking). Using the customer information on the sites,
answer the following questions for each site:
1. What do you do if you have to return or exchange the item? What is the policy? Is
there a time limit? How do you do this? Are there any fees/charges that the customer
must pay? (8 marks)
2. What security measures are used to ensure that the information of the customer is
protected? (4 marks)
3. What forms of payment are accepted? (2 marks)
4. Are there any shipping costs? How much are they? (2 marks)
5. Are there any taxes? How much are they? (2 marks)
6. Are there any other fees on online purchases from international companies (ie: outside
of North America)? Describe them. (2 marks)
Part B – Canadian Consumer Information (10 marks, Thinking)
As a potential online consumer, access the policies that are in place to protect online Canadian
consumers, then answer the questions that follow:
1. Describe the laws that protect consumers making purchases online.
2. What should customers be aware of?
Please communicate your response to all of the above questions in Word.
/20 marks
/10 marks
/5 marks