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Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office
Minerals – Energy Section Chief
Position Description
The Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office within the Department of Natural Resources is
recruiting for the position of Minerals – Energy Section Chief. This is a fully exempt,
professional position with a starting salary up to $121,000 annually. Final salary will be
negotiated at the time of hire and will be based upon the successful candidate’s qualifications
and experience. The position is located in Anchorage, Alaska and is offered with a complete
State of Alaska benefit package.
General Function:
This position acts as a Section Chief over the Minerals and Energy programs in the Trust Land
Office (TLO). The incumbent will oversee and direct the TLO’s Minerals and Energy Section
performing professional work in the marketing, analysis, and administration of programs for the
development of the Trust’s mineral and energy resources. The primary objective of the
Minerals and Energy Section is to generate revenue for the beneficiaries of the Trust from the
exploration and development of coal, minerals, materials, oil and gas, and other energy or
mineral assets owned by the Trust.
Reports To: Deputy Director, Trust Land Office
Direct Reports: One
Major Activities (Typical Duties/Responsibilities):
Encourage development of projects on Trust land by identifying resource
exploration/production potential; market Trust properties and resources through networking
with industry representatives and participation in seminars and conferences; prepare resource
offering strategies and establish appropriate policies when required. Emphasis shall be placed
on expanding the marketing and exposure of the Trust’s mineral and energy resources in the US
and other countries. Duties also include developing and implementing competitive and
negotiated material sales, mineral leases, oil and gas leases, coal leases and other mineral or
energy opportunities.
Tasks include developing Lease Prospectus, performing due diligence review, completing the
TLO’s administrative process including the preparation and submission of Best Interest
Decisions; evaluating technical and economic proposals; developing project scopes of work; and
negotiating lease terms with successful participants in TLO lease offerings.
Manage and administer existing leases and agreements related to Trust lands. Other work
includes performing field and site inspections; mediating contractual problems; adjudicating
complex claim ownership issues; managing outside contractors; supervising services provided
by divisions within the Department of Natural Resources under reimbursable services
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January, 2015
agreements with the TLO, and identifying and mitigating trespass on Trust land. Defend Trust
assets from being rendered undevelopable through adverse legislative and regulatory actions.
Participate in development and maintenance of efficient office operating systems by updating
geologic and other databases; making policy and regulatory recommendations for day-to-day
Trust management; maintain accurate hard-copy and electronic-files; help prepare the mineral
and energy portions of the TLO monthly and annual reports.
Develop and manage Requests for Proposal and contractor services to provide critical
information and project support. This may include coordinating with Trust office personnel,
project support advisors, and attorneys on legal issues surrounding claim title, mineral rights,
and trespass. Maintain professional relations and image for the Mental Health Trust by
representing the Trust on land and resource management issues in a variety of public forums
including trade associations.
This position typically interacts with:
• Partners, managers and staff of national and international mineral and energy
related companies
• TLO clientele and industry representatives
• Local, state and federal agencies
• Members of the public and business community
• Alaska Mental Health Trust Board
Required Knowledge/ Skills/Abilities:
• Ability to work effectively with and manage a wide variety of professionals involved in
natural resource exploration and development including attorneys, engineers, natural
resource consultants, investors, contractors, as well as with management and staff, and
public officials in various levels of government.
• Excellent written, verbal and technical skills appropriate for regular communication with
legal, financial, technical and managerial professionals, management and staff, the
Board of Trustees, and a wide range of third party professionals.
• Analytical and verbal skills necessary to assist or represent executive management in
evaluating the implications of various actions on Trust land.
• Ability to manage people in a variety of positions with varying skills; including
prioritizing their efforts for the benefit of the overall section.
• Ability to quickly assimilate new industry and regulatory practices, and apply such
practices to assignments.
• Thorough knowledge of legal descriptions.
• Ability to determine personnel needs and allocate necessary equipment and
information to personnel in a region or statewide.
• Ability to formulate long range goals and develop organizational and operational plans
for their accomplishment.
• Ability to conduct effective public meetings in a contentious environment.
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January, 2015
Desired Knowledge/ Skills/ Abilities: It is expected that the incumbent will strive to master
these items during the first year of employment.
• Thorough knowledge of federal, state and local relationships as they impact the
operations of the Trust Land Office.
• Considerable knowledge of administrative hearing and negotiation procedures.
• Considerable knowledge of prior judicial and administrative settlements affecting
natural resources.
• Ability to design and organize programs to develop the Trust’s resources within the
framework of state and federal laws to advance the TLO’s mission.
• Ability to arbitrate disputes in a fair and impartial manner and to negotiate settlements
in accordance with Trust and state policies, regulations and statutes.
• Ability to coordinate programs with other state agencies and to organize and develop
interagency agreements and procedures.
Minimum Experience:
Bachelor’s Degree in geology, engineering, natural resource management, law, or a
related field; Master’s Degree preferred.
• Five years of progressively responsible recent experience in any of the professional
areas stated above.
How to Apply
Candidates who wish to apply for the position must submit a cover letter, resume, professional
product sample that emphasizes writing ability, and the names and phone numbers of three
professional references. Inquiries will be kept confidential. Employment documentation
should be addressed to Carrie Pierce, Executive Assistant, Trust Land Office, 2600 Cordova
Street, Suite 100, Anchorage, AK 99503. Documents can also be emailed to
[email protected] or faxed to 907-269-8905.
Recruitment will remain open until the position is filled.
This is a complete copy of the position description. Additional copies can be viewed on the
Trust Land Office website:
The State of Alaska is an equal employment opportunity employer and supports workplace
diversity. Individuals requiring accommodation should call 1-800-587-0430. V/1-800-770-8973
TTY/TDD (Relay Alaska).
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