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Unit One Earth Processes
6th Grade Science Review
Theory of Plate Tectonics
Continental Drift
Plate Tectonics
The Earth’s continents were
once joined in a single large
landmass that broke apart
This land mass was called Pangaea
Alfred Wegener
proposed the theory of the continental drift
Evidence to support the theory:
Glacial deposits
ocean-floor structures
Convection currents in the Earth's mantle
play a role in forming and destroying the
oceanic crust.
Rocks and Minerals
Properties of Minerals
Property of Color
Color is the first thing someone notices when
they view a mineral
Property of Hardness
Hardness can be tested through scratching
Some common things used to test for hardness
fingernail (2.2)
copper penny (3.5)
pocket knife or common nail (5.2)
piece of glass (5.5)
steel file or concrete nail (7.5)
Property of Streak
Streak is actually the color of the powder of a
The proper way to test for streak is to rub a
mineral across a tile of white unglazed
porcelain and to examine the color of the
"streak" left behind.
Property of Luster
Luster is a description of the way light
interacts with the surface of a crystal - how it
reflects light
Pearly Luster
Metallic Luster
The Rock Cycle
All rocks are made up of minerals
The rock cycle shows how the three
types of rocks form
Click to see
rock cycle
Weathering and Erosion
Breaking down of the earth’s crust into
Occur along plate boundaries
Earthquake activity is measured using a
The seismogram is the reading that is
Connect to website - click here
Occur along plate boundaries
Eruptions create dust and ash which
effects weather and climate
Click picture to learn more
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
The Pacific Ring of Fire is an area of
frequent earthquake and volcanic
eruptions encircling the basin of the
Pacific Ocean
Contour maps
Lines on the map are the contour intervals
Contour intervals are used to determine elevation
Steepest slope - contour lines are close together
Gentlest slope - contour lines are far apart
Review website we did in class - click picture
Fun Interactive Websites
Click on topic below
Earth Processes and Plate Tectonics
Rock Cycle
The End
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