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Tectonic Plates Puzzle
Teach your students all about tectonic plates
with our printable puzzle blackline master
activity! Your puzzle can also be coloured, cut out
and decorated for a fun craft activity.
Ages: 12+ years, 5-12 years.
Group Size: Individual (1 child).
Idea Features: Quick & Easy.
Template: Download
Some Useful Materials For an Individual (1 child).
1 x CleverPatch Junior PVA Glue 10364
1 x Cup Sequins - Multi 11126
50g Pack
1 x Micador Colourush Pencils 14223
Pack of 12
1 x Flat Paint Brush Set - Hog Hair 15495
1 x Rhinestones 15624
Pack of 6
100g Pack
1 x CleverPatch Cover Paper - White 16154
A4 - Pack of 25
1 x CleverPatch Broad Tip Washable Markers 16497
Pack of 8
1 x CleverPatch Fine Tip Washable Markers 16500
1 x CleverPatch Hexagonal Crayons 16609
1 x HB Pencils 16618
Pack of 10
Pack of 12
Pack of 20
1 x CleverPatch Acrylic Paint Tube - 75ml 17335
1 x CleverPatch Glitter Shaker - 9g 17914
Set of 12 Colours
Set of 7 colours
How to
First discuss with the class what Tectonic Plates are. Ask students to colour and decorate their
puzzle sheet using markers, paint or even glitter!
Once decorated have students cut out each piece of the map and the tectonic plates. Students
can then work together to rebuild the map puzzle, joining the tectonic plates back together.
Remember these sheets can be enlarged or reduced on a photocopier according to your
requirements. You could make a large A3 poster for group decorating.
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24 game
24 game
Class Supply List - The Tree House Educational Center, Inc.
Class Supply List - The Tree House Educational Center, Inc.