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Robin Wauters is a seasoned European technology journalist and founding editor of, a digital publication dedicated to covering the EU tech industry in depth. Before starting, Robin was the European Editor of The Next Web, and previously a senior editor at TechCrunch.
Ritter, Rubin / member of the management board, Zalando SE, Berlin
Rubin Ritter (34) is a member of the management board at Zalando SE, one of Europe’s leading online destinations for fashion and shoes. Ritter is responsible for the online retailer’s day-­‐to-­‐day operations and financial management. Before this, Ritter spent more than two years as a Junior Associate at McKinsey & Company. He studied business at the WHU – Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management, graduating in 2007. From 2005-­‐2006 he got an MBA degree from the University of Texas.
Gentz, Robert / Co-­‐founder and member of the management board, Zalando SE, Berlin
Robert Gentz (32) is Co-­‐founder and member of the management board at Zalando SE, Europe’s leading online fashion platform. He’s responsible for the retailer’s tech business as well as strategy and management of new business. Robert founded Zalando together with his partner David Schneider in 2008 in Berlin. Before this, he studied Business Administration at the WHU – Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management, graduating in 2007. Schneider, David / Co-­‐founder and member of the management board, Zalando SE, Berlin
David Schneider (33) is Co-­‐founder and member of the management board at Zalando SE, Europe’s leading online fashion platform. He’s responsible for the retailer’s fashion business and brand management. David founded Zalando together with his partner Robert Gentz in 2008 in Berlin. Before this, he studied business at the WHU – Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management, graduating in 2007.
Erler, Philipp / SVP Product, Zalando SE, Berlin
Philipp Erler serves as Senior Vice President Product at Zalando, Europe’s leading online shopping platform, and helps to manage a team of more than 700 technologists. He has been with Zalando since 2010, when he joined the company to set up its IT and process systems landscape. Prior to Zalando, Philipp founded and/or worked at several startup companies. He holds a masters degree in International Management from the Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management and since age eight has been spending most of his time in front of a computer.
Schröder, David / Senior Vice President Logistics and Operations, Zalando SE, Berlin
David Schroeder (33) is Senior Vice President Operations at Zalando SE, Europe’s leading online fashion platform. In his role Schröder is responsible for the daily operations in the departments of customer care, content creation, payment and logistics and further develops our operations footprint and organization. Before, Schroeder worked at McKinsey & Company. In 2007 he completed his studies at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management with a degree in Business Administration (Diplomkaufmann).
ROUND TABLE 1 -­‐ How to meet the ever evolving customer expectations?
(WHO: Christoph Stark, Dominik Rief, Jan Bartels, external guest: Stefan Luginbühl -­‐ Swiss Post)
Moderator: Boris Radke or Kristin Dolgner
Bartels, Jan / Vice President of Product for Zalando's Transactional Core Platform/Logistics Jan Bartels is Vice President of Product for Zalando's Transactional Core Platform as well as Logistics. Together with his teams, he is now developing the new transaction platform. Jan Bartels is also ramping up new logistics services (fulfillment for fashion partners; integration of local delivery networks, enabling same-­‐day delivery and instant returns) and “owns” Zalando’s custom-­‐built warehouse and delivery management systems. Prior to Zalando, Jan Bartels worked for a decade+ in management and technology consulting; among others in the role of an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company.
Luginbühl, Stefan / Member of Management Board and Head of Parcels National / International, PostLogistics
Stefan Luginbühl started working at Swiss Post in 1983. Since 2008, he is Head of Parcel national/international and Member of the Board. His previous positions at Swiss Post were Head of Sales (private customers) at PostFinance, Head of Sales (business customers) in Post Offices & Sales, Head of Sales at PostParcels and Head of Distribution at PostLogistics. Stefan Luginbühl hold an Executive MBA (Berne-­‐Fribourg) and a diploma in logistics (HSG St. Gallen/Frauenhofer Institute).
Rief, Dominik / Country Manager Austria & Switzerland, Zalando SE, Berlin
Dominik Rief joined Zalando in 2011 and was involved in the early setup of Zalando in Austria and Switzerland. Since 2012, he is leading the business as Country Manager in these markets. Dominik studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen.
Stark, Christoph / Vice President Logistics, Zalando SE, Berlin
Christoph Stark (38) is Vice President Logistics at Zalando SE. He is responsible for Zalando’s logistics operations across all 15 markets, i.e., own and third party fulfillment centers, transport and distribution as well as return handling. Before Christoph joined Zalando in early 2012 he studied Business Administration at the Saarland University, Germany, and received a doctoral degree in Operations Research from the Clausthal University of Technology, Germany. He subsequently worked at McKinsey & Company from 2007 to 2012.
ROUND TABLE 2 -­‐ How do brands and customers meet in the digital ecosystem?
(WHO: Florian Jodl, Christoph Lange, Donna Darthuizen, Jonas Bach -­‐ G-­‐star)
Moderator: Nate Bigger
Bach, Jonas / GM Strategic Accounts, G-­‐star International
Of Danish origin, Jonas Bach (1974) was born in Copenhagen. After completing his education in 1995, Bach began his career operating two of his own retail stores. Simultaneously, Bach also became Sales Director of Nordic countries at Bruuns Bazaar Copenhagen, until 1999. He then joined G-­‐Star RAW as Country Manager of Denmark, and later as Sales Director of G-­‐Star UK and Nordics. In 2003, Bach was appointed Commercial Design Specialist for G-­‐Star alongside his Sales Director role, due to his passion for product and detailed market knowledge. Moved to Amsterdam in May 2012, Jonas entered a position as G-­‐Star European Sales Director. As of Sept 2014 Jonas entered his current position as GM Strategic accounts.
Donna Darthuizen / Country Manager Benelux, Zalando SE, Berlin
Donna Darthuizen is Country Manager of the Benelux Region at Zalando since 2014. With her team she is responsible for all local functions, activities and the strategic development of Zalando’s activities in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Donna Darthuizen gained over 15 years of expertise in all areas of E-­‐business and E-­‐commerce business development through her previous roles at Oilily, Tommy Hilfiger or VISA.
Jodl, Florian / Vice President Menswear & Brand Relations, Zalando SE, Berlin
Florian is Vice President Menswear and Brand Relations at Zalando. He is responsible for Zalando's menswear assortment. Florian also leads the cross-­‐departmental brand relations team that manages top B2B partner relations at Zalando. After working for McKinsey & Company, Inc. in Munich, he joined Zalando in 2012. Florian holds a Doctorate ins business economics and psychology from LMU Munich and also completed degrees at TU Munich and Columbia Business School. Lange, Christoph / Vice President Brand Solutions, Zalando SE, Berlin
Christoph Lange is VP Brand Solutions at Zalando in Berlin. He joined as employee #3 to lead the product management organization for Zalando’s complete tech portfolio and has helped scale Europe’s largest online fashion platform throughout all phases of growth and expansion now spanning 15 countries and generating over €2.2bn revenue in 2014. He’s now responsible for the new B2B products area, helping brands and partners connect to consumers through the most delightful shopping experiences possible. Next to being an absolute product enthusiast, Christoph also loves old Kung Fu movies and holds a Diploma in Business Administration and Informatics.
ROUND TABLE 3 -­‐ How to be heard when everyone is screaming?
(WHO: Carsten Hendrich, Sarah Guerrier, Julia Stern, Christian Müller)
Moderator: Carolin Kühnel
Guerrier, Sarah / Head of Local Brand Marketing, Zalando SE, Berlin
Sarah (34) joined Zalando in 2014 and built up the Local Brand Marketing team. She is responsible for the local brand activities of Zalando in all 15 European markets. She holds a double degree in Economics and a Master in Marketing and previously worked at Procter & Gamble in local and central roles.
Hendrich, Carsten / VP Brand Marketing, Zalando SE, Berlin
Carsten Hendrich (41) is the VP Brand Marketing at Zalando. With his teams, he is in charge of shaping the Zalando brand and ensuring its aspiration and relevancy to the 17,9 million Zalando customers across Europe. He supervises the implementation of the brand positioning and identity across all channels and the campaign direction of the brand campaigns such as "#whereveryouare – Topshop at Zalando" or our current Spring/Summer 2016 campaign that features one of the most influential models at the moment, Anna Ewers. He was previously responsible for Brand Marketing at Bogner and Breuninger after strategic senior roles at creative agencies Jung von Matt and Ogilvy&Mather. Mueller, Christian / Co-­‐Founder metrigo, Hamburg
Christian Müller is a co-­‐founder of the programmatic marketing tech company metrigo that was acquired by Zalando in 2015. Since then Christian has been responsible for building up Zalando Media Solutions. He previously co-­‐founded adyard (acquired by Ligatus in 2011) and the Online Marketing Rockstars conference. Christian started his professional career at Gruner + Jahr and holds an MBA degree from the University of Hamburg.
Stern, Julia / VP Performance Marketing, Zalando SE, Berlin
Julia Stern is Vice President Performance Marketing at Zalando since 2014. She is responsible for marketing activities of Zalando such as Search, Affiliate, Display Marketing and Paid Social Advertising as well as Mobile Marketing. Julia joined Zalando in 2012, firstly leading the Display Marketing area. She holds a double degree in International Relations as well as Economics and Cultural Studies and previously worked at CARAT Germany and be2.
ROUND TABLE 4 -­‐ Lost in notifications: How to connect scattered moments to a holistic mobile experience?
(WHO: Delphine Mousseau, Nuzhat Naweed, Moritz Hahn)
Moderator: Katy Campbell
Hahn, Moritz / SVP Market & Category Management, Zalando SE, Berlin
Moritz is Senior Vice President for the Markets and Category Management at Zalando. He is responsible for all commercial related activities throughout Zalando. Moritz joined the company in 2011. He holds a Ph.D. in Econometrics from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Before joining Zalando, he worked at McKinsey & Company, Inc. in Munich and London.
Mousseau, Delphine / VP Markets, Zalando SE, Berlin
Delphine Mousseau is VP Markets at Zalando. She is currently leading the country teams, making sure Zalando is setting the right strategy to leverage its position upon local customers needs and competitive market situation. Delphine graduated from leading French business school HEC and started her career in consulting at BCG. She rapidly moved to the digital world and thus brings 15y+ experience in E-­‐commerce.
Naweed, Nuzhat / Head of Mobile Product and Engineering at Zalando Technology
Nuzhat Naweed joined Zalando in 2015. Since joining, she has been responsible for enhancing the customer experience through various products including the Fashion Store app. Nuzhat has dedicated her time at Zalando to ensuring that Europe's leading e-­‐commerce platform is a forerunner in the mobile industry, impelling the company to be an early adopter of key trends in mobile development and user experience. Prior to joining Zalando, Nuzhat worked as Head of Technology, Digital Experience at e-­‐commerce company ASOS and headed up Digital at BBC Worldwide.
Experts for Company/Campus/Culture: Frauke von Polier, Robert Höhne and Eric Bowman
Bowman, Eric / VP Engineering, Zalando SE, Berlin
Eric Bowman is VP of Engineering at Zalando, and has been a driving force for the adoption of microservices, REST, an “API First” approach to development, and autonomous teams. He has been programming since 1981, and has had the pleasure of working on a wide range of interesting systems—including the The Sims 1.0, the first global 3G phone network, TomTom’s online map and traffic applications, and Gilt Groupe’s end-­‐to-­‐end architecture. He is a passionate Scala enthusiast and still codes and contributes to open source projects.
Höhne, Robert / Lead Construction & Development, Zalando SE, Berlin
Robert Höhne (33), is currently leading the Construction & Development team within the Real Estate organization at Zalando SE. He is responsible for the development and construction of Zalando’s logistic centers in Erfurt, Mönchengladbach and Lahr as well as Zalando’s new headquarter at the “Zalando Campus” and other office buildings in Berlin. Robert joined Zalando in 2011. Before this, he studied Civil Engineering in Berlin, graduating in 2007, and has been working for one of the leading companies in project management practices for real estate developments and construction projects.
von Polier, Frauke / SVP People & Organisation, Zalando SE, Berlin
Since April 2011 Frauke von Polier (40) is SVP People & Organisation at Zalando SE – responsible for all people and organizational development matters at Zalando. Before that she was leading the Recruiting at Otto GmbH (since 2006) as well as working in different roles at Bertelsmann and Hugo Boss. Frauke studied Business Administration and finished her education with an MBA in Madrid, Spain.
Experts for Mobile Playground: Daniel Schneider, Martin Rost, Rost, Martin / VP Lounge & Offline Outlets, Zalando SE, Berlin
Martin Rost is VP Zalando Lounge & Offline Outlets, responsible for Zalando's shopping club "Zalando Lounge" as well as the outlet stores in Berlin, Frankfurt and Köln. Before joining Zalando at the end of 2009, he worked at Rocket Internet. He studied business at the University of Mannheim, graduating in 2008.
Schneider, Daniel / Product Owner, Zalando SE, Berlin
Daniel Schneider leads the Product Management team in developing mobile apps for consumers to experience lifestyle and fashion products. He joined Zalando in 2013 and previously worked on making the shopping experience in the Zalando Fashion Store more personal and inspiring. Daniel worked at the Boston Consulting Group before joining Zalando and holds a PhD in Communication and Psychology from Stanford University. His excitement for all things internet was sparked in the mid-­‐90s when he was a member and tech administrator of a small non-­‐profit organization setup to equip everyday people with affordable internet access.
Experts for Fashion Zalon: Ivo Scherkamp, Kasia Luczak
Luczak, Kasia / Trendscout, Zalando SE, Berlin
Kasia Luczak is Trendscout at Zalando. As part of the Fashion Direction team, she provides guidance in the jungle of different styles and boils it down to key trends and must-­‐have products for our customers. She is a sociologist and trend forecaster. Graduated in 2012 from ESADE Business School with a MSc in Business Innovation, and two year later with a MA in Fashion Trend Forecasting from the International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing, Polimoda. Coming from Poland, Kasia gained experience living and working in 5 different countries. She also runs an independent future think tank and a trend-­‐forecasting network called TRENDtank.
Scherkamp, Ivo / Managing Director Zalon, Zalando SE, Berlin Ivo Scherkamp is Managing Director of Zalando’s curated shopping service, ZALON by Zalando. He started as a business developer at Zalando in 2010 and became country manager for Austria and Switzerland in 2011, followed by a region manager position for DACH in 2012. Since end of 2014, Scherkamp is working on the set-­‐up and development of ZALON. Scherkamp studied business at the ESCP Europe in London, Paris and Berlin, where he achieved his Master of Science and Diplôme grande école.
Ebbig, Tomasz / Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Zalando SE, Berlin
As a Senior Brand Manager, Tomasz Ebbig is responsible for the Zalando’s brand communication strategy in Poland and the UK. His professional career began in London at the Victoria & Albert Museum, where he was responsible for organizing fashion shows of British designers. Over the years he managed the organization of international events in the US and Europe for brands like Adobe, Cisco Cystems, Gartner, IBM and Unilever. After returning to Poland he joined the agency Scholz & Friends and worked for clients such as Netia, Robert Bosch and H&M. In the years 2012 -­‐ 2014 he was restructuring and leading the marketing department of H&M, which he was responsible for the brand’s communication activities in Poland.
Hau, Moritz / Country Manager Germany, Zalando SE, Berlin
Moritz Hau (36) joined Zalando in February 2015. As the country manager of Germany, he guides the German markets team. In particular, he is responsible for the strategy, the assortment, cooperations with brands, marketing and services. Prior to joining Zalando, Moritz Hau studied Business Administration and Anglistics in Oxford as well as Fashion Management in Milan; he has also worked in international online fashion shops in Italy, the United States and Germany.
Jernstedt, Ty / Senior Member of Culture and Engagement, Zalando SE, Berlin
Ty Jernstedt (44) is a Senior Member of the Culture and Engagement team in the People & Organization department at Zalando SE. He's responsible for developing strategies and leading initiatives elevating aspects of our dynamic culture to enable stronger business results through higher levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation. Ty, originally from the US, has previously worked in The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan, with expertise in culture change, Diversity & Inclusion, leadership coaching and international marketing. Ty has an MBA from the International University of Japan and a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University.
Luetke-­‐Schelhowe, Christoph / VP Customer Experience, Zalando SE, Berlin
Dr. Christoph Lütke Schelhowe is VP Customer Experience at Zalando, one of the biggest online shopping destinations for shoes and fashion in Europe. Zalando is well-­‐known for its inspiring and convenient shopping experience, contributing to the impressive growth over the last years. At the event, Christoph will talk about how to engage customers through a highly personalized experience, helping customers finding the right product with data and curation approaches.
Rogosic, Lea / Lead Merchandising Women, Zalando SE, Berlin
As Lead Merchandising Women at Zalando, Lea Rogosic is leading the team responsible for defining the product assortment, identifying growth opportunities and defining sale strategies in all local markets. Before she joined Zalando in October 2014, Lea Rogosic gained expertise in the fashion business as Merchandising Manager at Edition Lingerie, Associate Merchandising Planner at Fab and Product Manager Italy at Mango.
Wilmking, Jan / SVP New Business and Strategy, Zalando SE, Berlin
Jan Wilmking is SVP New Business and Strategy at Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion platform. He is responsible for finding new growth opportunities and helps kick-­‐starting and scaling new consumer businesses of Zalando. He is also responsible for Zalando’s strongly growing private label fashion company zLabels. Prior to joining Zalando, Jan was at Rocket Internet and McKinsey & Company. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Masters in Communication Management from Berlin University of the Arts.