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Wheatlands Primary School Sports Update - Spring 2017
Follow us on Twitter
All of our sports news is tweeted so follow us
on @wheatlands_sch
We also have lots of photos of school events
on the Redcar & Eston SSP Facebook page.
Young Ambassadors
Our young ambassadors are continuing to blog
regularly, on the school games website, to
keep you up to date with competitions and
Sports Leader
Sports Leaders, under the direction of Mrs
Warren, are continuing to lead and support
play across the school at lunch time. We have
had positive feedback from the children
participating and they are enjoying the
opportunity to get involved. Some children
from Y5 have attended training to take over
the role next year.
Sports Crew
A sports crew has been selected for each year
group from Y1-Y6 with each member adopting
a supporting role during PE lessons.
Staff Development
The whole school have been working on
evaluating PE provision from Nursery to Year 6
and reviewing our practice with the Sports
Wheatlands Sports Update
As always we have lots of sporting activities in
school so here is this term’s update to help ensure
parents are informed about sporting opportunities
that are available for children.
Sport Premium Funding
Our funding has supported Y3 and Y5 in the teaching
of Gymnastics and a rugby coach delivering and
supporting lessons in Y5. Additionally, a proportion
is used as membership to the School Sports
Partnership which gives our school access to a
variety of resources, competitions, training and
After School Clubs
This term we are running:
Mondays – KS2 Running, KS2 Topline
Tuesdays - Y1/2 Football, Y4/5 Chess, Y5/6 Hockey
Wednesdays – Y3/4 Dance Magic
Thursdays – Y2/3 Gymnastics, Y5/6 Football,
Y3/4 Hockey
Fridays - Y3/4 Football, Y5/6 Netball
There are a range of activities to get involved in and
most clubs have still have places available at present.
Tag Rugby
Sports hall athletics
Dance mats
Swimming gala
Girls/boys football
Cross country
Since the beginning of the year there have been a number of
festivals and development days on offer for children from Y1Y6 including: gym, dance, multi skills and volleyball. Children
and teachers enjoy taking part in these events and we will
continue to ensure that we give all children the opportunity
to attend throughout the year.
Supporting Our Local community
We have been developing links with Redcar Rugby Club,
Grangetown Netball Club and Redcar Amateur Boxing Club.