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Warm-up 11/25: 10 minutes
A). Finish pen pal letter. Hand into black box when done.
B). Outline 19.1 and 19.2 when completed. Hand into black
box when done.
Warm-up 12/1
Write the questions and answer in complete sentences. Use your
memory! You may discuss answers with a classmate, but answer on
your own sheet of paper! This warm-up is just to see what you
remember. Try your best!
1. What is air pressure?
2. How is wind created? Where does wind move?
3. What is the Coriolis effect and how does wind move in the
Northern hemisphere?
4. What are isobars?
You have 10 minutes! Pass your warm-up to the left when
completed. If you are the person furthest to the left of your table,
collect all warm-ups at your table and hand them in the black box.
Warm-up (~15)
2. Notes (~15)
3. Bill Nye Video (~25)
4. Outline 19.1 and 19.2 (independent work, rest of class)
Objective: Explain how air masses move based on pressure
Expected Exam Date: December 10th or 11th
Low Pressure
 Cyclones are areas of low pressure.
 As you move toward the center of a cyclone, the pressure
 Wind in a low pressure system moves counterclockwise.
 All of this produces lots of clouds and precipitation.
High Pressure
 Anticyclones are high pressure systems
 As you move toward the center of an anticyclone, the
pressure increases.
 Wind moves clockwise
 Weather is clear and fair.
We know the Earth is hotter at the
Equator and colder at the Poles.
 But! Some winds move heat from the Equator to the Poles.
 Other winds move cold air from the Poles to the Equator.
Trade Winds move from East to West
along the Equator.
Westerlies move wind from West to
 These are the prevailing winds in the United States—for
the most part, in this country, wind moves in this direction.
 So…most weather here moves from West to East!
Bill Nye Video
Write down 15 facts about the video. Write down
information that you think may be on the exam.
19.1 and 19.2 Outlines
When you finish your outlines, you will answer the
following questions on a sheet of paper:
Questions 1-5 on page 536
2. Questions 1-6 on page 542.
Make sure to write the questions.
Attach your questions and answers to the back of your
outline packet.
3. Make sure your name is on the outline packet, and hand it
in the black box.
You have 30 minutes. Remain at your table and work
independently and quietly.You may listen to music using earbuds.
You may NOT use your phone for anything other than music until
you are done with your work.