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Julie Billiart:
Woman of Joy and Confidence
You will be well able to prolong things as much as possible. We must have time, we
shall ask the Good God for it. If I can manage to go and see you, you will realize the
necessity of it. If, however, someone should write his Lordship and you were to hear
about it, you would inform him in confidence of my need to talk to you in person. I leave
you to examine in the presence of God the means of achieving this. "Ma Mere," are
your affairs all tangled up again?" My dear daughter, everything must be tested by fire
to be purified, to do some good for the good God for his greater glory."
L67 -- To Mere St Joseph, February 2, 1808
I am leaving it all in the hands of the Good God. If I had been free, I should have
hastened to you a long time ago; it is urgent that I should do so now. I put my
confidence in the good God. Let us pray, let us pray much, but with very fervent
prayers. Let us put ourselves under the protection of our good Mother. Pray much for
me, my good friends.
L67 -- To Mere St Joseph, February 2, 1808
Do not inform anybody at all about this, for it would recoil on me and would spoil
everything. Things are very different in our house from what they were in your time, we
must adore the hand of the good God in all things. All this shows us that there is
nothing permanent in life. "Hadn't I told you, Ma Mere, that you would come and die
with me? Ah, you did not believe my prophecy." Well, my good daughter, fiat! May the
most holy will of God be done in all things!
L68 -- To Mere St Joseph, February 10, 1808
All has been happening and is still happening everyday as the good God permits it.
May his holy name be blessed! May he in his great mercy give me the necessary grace
to conduct myself in all this according to his Sacred Heart and his adorable will; that is
my only desire. I thought this would distress you. Your kind heart knows how much the
support of the good God is needed in all these miseries. For at heart I know well on
what this is based. Interiorly, I am completely submissive to God and I hope he will
receive greater glory from it. My good friend, how many things have happened since
our separation. Oh yes, My God, I am confident that our little community is your work!
The work of the good God needs to be tested, so that its foundations may be more
L74 -- To Mere St Joseph, April 7, 1808
Remember the care the good God has taken of you at all times, and even before you
belonged to him with your whole heart. What will he not do today, when you wish to
serve him as well as you can? Yes, yes, you must have confidence that the good God
will protect you in any encounter.
L32 -- To Francoise Blin de Bourdon, March, 1797
Say nothing else to Our lord, except to offer yourselves wholly to him so that he may
accomplish his holy will in you;. How good he is! Oh, yes, he loves you so much this
dear Savior! It seems to me that he has eyes for no one but all of you, especially those
who go most simply to him and give him the most marks of confidence. For not that it is
to confidence he grants his graces and his love most of all. The more marks of
confidence you give him, the more he will love you.
L49 -- To Soeur Blin, February 24, 1807
Let us pray with confidence and perseverance, whatever the price, for the salvation of
this soul through events which divine Providence knows will help get her out of her
distressing state.
L59 -- To Mere St Joseph, October 13, 1807
This is possible with the help of him who made heaven and earth. Courage, my dear
good sisters, he on whom we place all our reliance will be our strength and our support.
He will help us, and we shall avoid all kinds of traps the devil is setting for us, if we have
L59 -- To Mere St Joseph, October 13, 1807
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