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Notes for remainder of Roman Empire
Republic – 509 BC
Led by two consuls – elected by citizens
Reported to and advised by the Senate
Developed code of laws – Twelve Tables
Stated that all free citizens had the right to be treated equally.
Set standards of justice
Innocent until proven guilty
Judges examined evidence in all cases
200 BC – seizing territory throughout the Mediterranean region
Allowed conquered people to become Roman citizens.
Able to build a strong, loyal state in the empire.
Julius wanted to become emperor – Senate answered him with death (Ides of March)
Augustus (Octavius) 1st emperor.
His rule brought much needed peace - Pax Romana – lasted 200 years
Chrisitanity – started in Palestine
Followers of Jesus Christ
Peter and Paul established the Christian Church in Rome.
1st emperors persecuted Christians – Nero was worst.
AD 392 – official religion of Rome
Decline – late AD 300’s
Rival forces against each other. Germanic groups attacked from the north
AD 395 – Rome divided into eastern and western empire
East known as BYZANTIUM – lasted about another 1000 years
West fell to Germanic tribes – ended.
West spread classical culture and Christianity.
Roman law shaped legal systems in other countries
Latin – basis for modern European romance languages: French, Italian and Spanish
Influenced architectural styles in the Western world.