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2011 PFund Annual Report
changing our
Advancing social justice
for LGBT communities
in the Upper Midwest
©sophia Hantzes
©Anna Min
©Paul Nixdorf
PFund Foundation is a vital resource and community
about PFund
PFund Foundation is a community foundation that advances social justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
builder for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied
communities by providing grants and scholarships,
developing leaders, and inspiring giving.
transgender (LGBT) communities in the Upper Midwest by funding change, developing leaders, inspiring giving,
and convening and reporting on issues of importance within our communities. We are working to change
attitudes, change systems, and break down barriers at the intersection of our identities — orientation, gender,
race, culture — to achieve social justice.
PFund is a catalyst in building communities in Minnesota
and the Upper Midwest where lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgender people are celebrated and live free
from discrimination, violence, invisibility, and isolation.
PFund manages more than $1 million in assets and
annually awards more than $150,000 in grants and
scholarships to LGBT and allied communities in
Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and
dear friends,
Every annual report must start with some version of these words: It has
Midwest. On the last day of the conference, we invited 60 people from
been quite a year. And yet, no truer words could open this report. It has,
across the Upper Midwest to meet and share stories of their lives and to
indeed, been quite a year.
build shared strategies. Regional outreach is ongoing work that will be
a central part of our next strategic plan. We’ll keep you in the loop as
PFund started fiscal year 2011 by saying goodbye to executive director
PFund continues to build connections and community across the region,
Greg Grinley. Six months later, we said hello to our new executive
paying particular attention to rural communities and small towns.
director team: Kate Eubank and Susan Raffo. Three months after
Lupe Castillo, Kate Eubank and Susan Raffo
that, we said goodbye to Susan Cogger, director of development and
Finally, PFund continues to take seriously our role in stewarding the
communications, as she moved on to pursue new adventures. And, in
LGBT community’s dollars toward support of the LGBT community as
June, we completed our staff changes with some exciting transitions:
a whole. A majority of the money that comes in and then flows out
Alfonso Wenker became director of development and communications,
of PFund comes from individuals. As part of this stewardship, we also
Kayva Yang was hired as program officer, and Ryan Kroening was
look internally, asking how we can share resources and cut costs so that
promoted to events and outreach coordinator. PFund has certainly
more of the money we raise goes directly back into the community to
been a good friend to our printer this year, as we have ordered a host
make an impact. Our desire is to continue to work with you, by finding
of new business cards. Yet even with all these changes, PFund has
as many ways as possible to celebrate the progress we have made
continued steadily toward our shared vision of an Upper Midwest where
together since 1987, even as we must continue to focus our resources
all LGBT people are celebrated and free from discrimination, violence,
on ensuring safety and security for the LGBT community, guaranteeing
invisibility, and isolation. Embedded in community, PFund has relied on
legal rights, and building our diverse community. We are excited by what
you to make sure that we keep moving forward seamlessly, even as the
we’ve all accomplished over the past year and by the opportunities and
faces sitting behind desks have changed.
challenges that lie ahead. Thank you for what you have done and for
what you continue to make possible.
In May 2011, PFund saw our largest Cabaret fundraiser yet, with 220
people joining together at the Guthrie Theater. In August, we saw
100 people at our third annual summerCAMP Racial Equity Initiative
fundraiser – the largest turnout ever. This is PFund’s legacy in action:
Lupe Castillo, board president
from 1987 until today, our capacity to come together and leverage our
dollars and hope to strengthen our community only continues to grow.
In the coming year, you will see more opportunities like these for our
community to come together with PFund to make change continue to
Kate Eubank and Susan Raffo, executive director
grow, in the Twin Cities metro and beyond.
Speaking of “beyond” the Twin Cities, this has also been a year in which
PFund continued to grow locally, but also focused on expanding our
national and regional work. As a partner in the National Gay and Lesbian
Task Force’s 2011 Creating Change conference, PFund organized the
first-ever regional convening of LGBT groups from across the Upper
©Brenda K. Peters
Maria Isa performs
at summerCAMP
Target employees at Cabaret
2010 PFund scholar
Nate Irvin tells his story
acting together, changing our future
Community foundations exist to gather together all of the small and large gifts from a community and to then
move those gifts toward organizations and individuals that are in a position to make significant impact on that
same community. This is absolutely what acting together means – bringing together what we have, in order to
leverage something much greater than what we can do alone.
This is how and why PFund started, when, in 1987, four gay men met to respond to the rising AIDS epidemic.
They decided that, no matter what happened, there would be a legacy left behind to make sure that someday,
no community member would ever experience discrimination or hardship because of their sexual orientation
or gender identity. Initially, the group approached an existing community foundation, but the organization
agreed to accept the gift only if the group remained closeted. So, the founders carried out PFund’s first act of
social justice by refusing to compromise who they were in order to ensure their future. Acting together, they
created PFund and started something completely new. We continue to build on that legacy of justice and self
determination, along with you.
Most international tracking organizations measure a generation
as being 25 years in length. This means that, in 2012, PFund will
complete our first generation! In 1987, when Jim Quinn, Gregg
White, David Berchenbriter and Bill Zwart first pooled $2,000 to
create a fund that would support the ongoing building of LGBT
community, the needs and celebrations of the LGBT community
were different from today – but in many ways similar.
Nationally, in 1987, ACT-UP (the Aids Coalition to Unleash Power)
was established in New York. The Second National March on
Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights took place in October
1987, with 200,000 participants gathering around a platform that
included the legal recognition of lesbian and gay relationships,
the repeal of sodomy laws, the passage of a congressional lesbian
and gay civil rights bill, an end to discrimination against all people
with AIDS, a call for reproductive freedom, and an end to racism.
More locally, in 1987, the Minnesota Supreme Court refused to rule
on the constitutionality of the state’s anti-sodomy law, allowing
the law to remain on the books, and many of our older local
organizations, including PFund and OutFront Minnesota (then the
Gay and Lesbian Community Action Council), were founded.
This report highlights the work PFund has done over the past
year on the issue of LGBT aging. Twenty-five years ago, LGBT
seniors were mostly in their 40s, 50s and 60s. They were the first
generation to organize in large numbers and celebrate themselves
towards greater safety, equality and visible community. As you
read through these pages, notice what has changed (and what
has not) and take a minute to imagine the next generation of 25
years. Acting together, this is the future we are seeking to change.
PFund thanks every one of you for your gifts of money, time,
attention and hope that make it possible for us to change our
future together.
acting together – the year in brief
©Paul Nixdorf
Maggie George and
Rev. Rebecca Voelkel
Kate with Sen. Al and Franni Franken
LGBT aging and our work with the Marystone Fund
for LGBT Seniors Initiatives
Racial Equity Initiative and the start
of the BOLD Gathering
With the launch of our second report on LGBT aging, PFund built on
As one of the foundations taking part in the national Funders for LGBTQ
last year’s convening, reporting and research to offer recommendations
Issues’ Racial Equity Initiative, PFund became one of the lead conveners,
on how we can ensure equality, safety and build community for LGBT
along with the Astraea Foundation for Justice (New York), of the upcoming
seniors. More information on this exciting work can be found on page
national “BOLD Gathering: A Queer and Trans People of Color Gathering
12 of this report.
to Support our Liberation and Self Determination,” held in Minneapolis
in December 2011. This gathering convenes more than 80 organizations
Creating Change
for LGBT people of color and is funded by eight foundations across the
In February 2011, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force held the 23rd
country. It is historic because it is the first national gathering of LGBT
National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change in Minneapolis.
people of color organizations in the United States. It provides attendees
Alfonso Wenker, director of development and communications, served as
with an opportunity to build organizing skills, sharpen thinking, strengthen
one of four local co-chairs. Everyone on the PFund staff was in attendance,
collective voice and create a vision for the future that speaks directly to
helping with registration, presenting workshops and learning from
histories of resilience, creativity, desire and passion. Ten of the 80 people
activists from around the country. Immediately following the Creating
at the gathering will be representatives from the Twin Cities metro area.
Change conference, PFund held a convening for LGBT organizations from
Locally, we are excited to watch as participants bring what they learn at
around the Upper Midwest. This convening provided a space for LGBT
the meeting into their everyday work and lives.
organizations and individuals working across the region to come together
and share information about what they’ve done, while also looking for
ways to advance their work. Stories were told of success and of isolation.
We heard LGBT people tell us their experiences around services for older
adults, alongside stories of finding safe spaces and resources for youth.
Across the region, people of color talked about representation and
community. The focus of the convening was to listen to each other and,
in listening, to begin envisioning new ways of doing our work together, to
©Anna Min
shape a different future for LGBT people in our region.
Alfonso Presenting at
Creating Change Conference
©Alfonso Wenker
©Anna Min
©Alfonso Wenker
Roxanne Anderson, Donald Whipple Fox
and Kelly Lewis at a QNet meeting
Power of Philanthropy
You’re Not Alone video project
This year saw PFund’s largest total grant awards ever, including our first
At this year’s Cabaret fundraiser, PFund launched a new award intended to
In fall 2010, PFund launched a new anti-bullying video campaign as part
$10,000 grant. This growth was due to a combination of consistent
honor those who inspire giving in the LGBT community. We were thrilled
of the nationwide “It Gets Better” effort. PFund’s effort joined other
individual giving and a series of national re-granting opportunities,
to award John E. Larsen with PFund’s first-ever Power of Philanthropy
national campaigns as a response to reports on increased suicides
including the Racial Equity Initiative and the Queer Youth Initiative. These
award. John is engaged in many corners of the LGBT and nonprofit/
among LGBT young people. A number of local leaders stepped up
national dollars are matched by your local gifts in order to strenghten our
foundation communities. You can read more about John and the Power
to make videos, including Sen. Al Franken, State Sen. Scott Dibble,
local giving and provide short-term, targeted support to under-resourced
of Philanthropy award on the next page.
Kevin “Kaoz” Moore, Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak, past PFund scholars
parts of the LGBT community, including people of color organizations
Anna Min and Sam Soto, and community members Jessi Tebben and
and organizations supporting LGBT youth. Thank you to all who gave
Brad Wagner. The 90-second videos, which were shared among school
to these matches. The matches will continue into 2012 and are still an
and student networks along with a link to resources for LGBT youth,
opportunity for community members to target their gifts toward specific
are available online at
PFund continued to host its quarterly QNet meetings, which are an
opportunity for LGBT organizations to come together to share strategies
and learn about one another’s work. As the group grows, they are
exploring how to build collective action toward greater impact.
Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Ryback
You're Not Alone Video
inspiring giving
For many years, PFund has been awarding its Power of One Award
at the table with representatives from many of the leading foundations
to recognize outstanding LGBT community leadership in the Upper
in the region, he brings an LGBT lens to the conversation, ensuring that
Midwest. In 2011, PFund launched a second annual award as part of
the major community funders hear the LGBT perspective.
our mission to inspire giving. The new “Power of Philanthropy” award
is given as part of PFund’s annual Cabaret fundraiser. The first recipient
John is extremely proud of the commitment that he and his partner
was John E. Larsen.
have made to Avenues for Youth and of their participation as a Host
Home for a young woman named Rosie, who has lived with them for
©Paul Nixdorf
PFund Founders Gregg White (l) and Jim Quinn (R) with John E. Larsen (C)
As one of the early supporters and volunteers for the nonprofit Project
the past two years. Their connection to the Host Home project is the
515, John has seen first-hand how a small number of LGBT people can
greatest level of engaged philanthropy for them. They have provided a
come together to change the landscape and influence others, both
stable home for Rosie, now a college student. In return, Rosie has given
straight and gay. Due in part to his philanthropic leadership, Project 515
John and Mike so much, including her trust and love. It has truly been
has received grants from mainstream funders such as the Minneapolis
one of John’s greatest joys to watch Rosie grow and succeed.
Foundation and the Bigelow Foundation.
It will be hard for PFund to find another member of the LGBT community
John considers the opportunity to be a philanthropist to be a gift –
who surpasses John’s commitment to philanthropy and the community.
one he takes seriously. He enjoys vetting nonprofits, both for his family
Yet, when asked about the Power of Philanthropy award, John lists a
foundation (John Larsen Foundation) and for the personal giving he and
dozen people who he feels are worthier of the honor. What is certain
his partner Mike Stewart do.
is that John, as the inaugural recipient, personifies the true spirit of the
award. Our LGBT community is lucky to have him as a leader.
Through his involvement with the LGBT Funders Network at the
Minnesota Council on Foundations, John has seen how powerful it is for
LGBT people to move out of our silos and work with allied communities
on important issues that face everyone – straight or gay. When John is
©Rebecca La
Mike Stewart and
John E. Larsen
Staff visit with LGBT leaders in Fargo
grant making
©Anna Min
©Anna Min
Rob Strusinski, Jeff Falk, Philip Voight
2011 grantee partners
The actions of PFund’s grantee partners have an impact in every corner
of the Upper Midwest. Whether they are protecting marriage equality
PFund makes grants in its three pillars
of social justice:
in Iowa, training service provider leaders in rural Minnesota, organizing
voters in South Dakota, or developing youth leaders in Wisconsin,
Creating power through community
these groups are changing the way LGBT people experience the Upper
--as a result of organizing, events, and the arts.
Midwest, now and in the future.
Vision: LGBT people are celebrated, visible, and find power in working
together to advance equality and justice.
Ensuring access, safety and security
--in such places as schools, health providers, and housing.
Vision: LGBT people experience the world as a place of safety and our
Achieving equal rights
Equality South Dakota | Sioux Falls, S.D.
General operating support for its grassroots and lobbying work, to
achieve its mission to secure and protect the rights and well-being of
LGBT South Dakotans and their families, through full engagement in the
political process
One Iowa | Des Moines, I.A.
General operating in support of its grassroots and lobbying work to
promote equality and the freedom to marry for LGBT individuals living
in Iowa.
media, policy makers, families, and popular culture reject any form of
violence against them.
©the Task Fo
Achieving equal rights
--through advocacy and civic engagement.
Vision: LGBT people’s human rights and dignity are unquestioned and
free from discrimination.
©Servant He
©Project 51
OutFront Minnesota | Minneapolis
To support its “justFair Lobby Day” and Lobby Day Institute, the largest
LGBT lobby day in the nation, providing legislative education and creating
support and visibility for LGBT Minnesotans at the state capitol.
Project 515 | Minneapolis
General operating support for its mission to ensure that same-sex
couples and their families have equal rights and considerations under
Minnesota law.
Creating power through community as
a result of organizing, events and the arts
LGBT Resource Center for the Seven Rivers Region | La Crosse, W.I.
For increased community outreach in rural counties and leadership
training for youth through the GALAXY Youth Program, to make the
Seven Rivers region a place where all citizens are accorded respect and
valued in their diversity.
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force | Washington, DC
To support the training and leadership development of Upper Midwest
regional participants at the 23rd National Conference on “LGBT Equality:
Creating Change,” the largest annual skills-building gathering for the
LGBT movement, held in Minneapolis, February 2011.
Rainbow Rumpus | Minneapolis
General operating support to expand its successful printable picturebook program; giving young people who visit the program’s site a deeper
sense of community and empowerment by engaging them as youth
advisory council participants; and building the organization’s capacity to
foster long-lasting change.
RARE Productions | Minneapolis
Building capacty to achieve its mission to promote, produce, and cocreate opportunities and events utilizing innovative artistic methods and
strategies. Through engaging LGBT artists of color, RARE Productions
seeks to unite communities and families in healing relationships and
bridging cultural gaps via the vast mediums of art.
Shades of Yellow | St. Paul, Minn.
General operating to support its mission to create a community of
empowered Hmong LGBT persons, to create positive cultural and social
changes that enhance their lives and communities.
Teatro del Pueblo | St. Paul, Minn.
For the presentation of Dann Guerrero’s “¡Gaytino!” play at its 10th
annual Political Theater Festival. Guerrero’s piece is rare in its examination
of homosexuality in the Latino community and seeks to create a
conversation about LGBT Latinos within the broader Latino community.
Twin Cities Black Pride | Minneapolis
General operating support for its mission to create a platform in which
black LGBT communities as well as other LGBT communities of color
are heard, affirmed, celebrated, and unified, both individually and
Ensuring access, safety and security in such places
as schools, health providers, and housing
Lutheran Social Service: Together for Youth | Duluth, Minn.
To engage young people in open conversations about LGBT life, offer
political education, and create opportunities for youth leadership to
discourage violence and keep teens healthy through access to supportive
Trans Youth Support Network | Minneapolis
To build on the work already established creating systems for
transforming institutions and organizations to be transgender-accessible
and supportive and to strengthen the youth organizing and youth
leadership component to more fully bring young people into the center
of the nonprofit’s organizational structure.
Funding across the Upper Midwest
The Family Partnership | Minneapolis
For its GLBT-KIDS program to improve the well-being of LGBT youth, with
emphasis on communities of color and rural communities, by involving
LGBT and allied youth in leadership development to support youth-led
advocacy for the establishment of gay-straight alliance programs in high
schools, and training for school staff on LGBT issues to cultivate a climate
in schools that is conducive for program success, and for LGBT youth and
all youth in the school to achieve their true potential.
Hospitality Initiative of Servant Hearts | Bemidji, Minn.
To support its work of advocating for more inclusive and bias-free
community environments through two seminars in the Bemidji area:
“Shaping Safe and Respectful Youth Culture” and “LGBT Senior Care and
Cultural Competency Training.”
Iowa Pride Network | Des Moines, I.A.
General operating support to strengthen and expand its grassroots
organizing, education initiatives, and coalition work to continue to
create safe schools and communities that will lead to an LGBT and allied
community of students who will grow into well-placed advocates and
community leaders who fight for social justice.
Minnesota 7 county metro
South Dakota
Funding by Pillar
Achieving Equal Rights
Ensuring Access,
Safety and Security
Creating Power
through Community
LGBT aging
In 2002, PFund received a bequest from Paul Marystone to focus on
Upon release of this first report, local community members identified the
“Because many LGBT older adults have faced a social
aging issues for LGBT seniors. This bequest led PFund to bring together
need for a second report that builds on the first. PFund, in partnership
stigma and prejudice much of their lives, they often fear
an advisory group focused on assessing the current state for LGBT seniors
with the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human
they will be unwelcome in traditional senior settings, or
in Minnesota. After organizing a forum on aging in March 2010, PFund
Development, developed the second report (entitled “Ready to Serve?”)
will encounter aging providers who are unfamiliar with
interviewed groups and individual LGBT senior stakeholders in an effort
as a way of understanding how prepared aging services are in the Upper
their needs,” said Susan Cogger, former PFund director
to better understand the issues, raise awareness, and begin planning for
Midwest to meet the needs of LGBT older adults. The report highlights
of development and communications. “People who fear
this fast-growing population. The resulting report, “Equality As We Age,”
the critical need to train staff members working in agencies that provide
discrimination need reassurance at the front end in order
documents this work.
direct services to older adults, and suggests that such training is the key
to make their way through an agency’s doors.”
to ensuring they meet the needs of LGBT elders.
Moving forward, the PFund report recommends legislation that mandates
The Equality As We Age report reviews the state of national and local LGBT
aging and advocacy work. In particular, the report recognizes that: 1) the
The second report draws on data gathered from a national study that
service to LGBT older adults, prohibits discrimination in aging services
country, as well as the LGBT community, is aging quickly, and 2) there
was conducted in partnership with the Metropolitan Area Agency on
based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and makes available
is very little data about LGB aging – and even less about transgender
Aging (MAAA), the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a),
sufficient funding to provide welcoming, appropriate care to LGBT older
aging. The report also makes a series of recommendations to the overall
the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Services & Advocacy for GLBT
community, lawmakers, service providers, and grantmakers. Many of
Elders (SAGE), PFund Foundation, and the University of Minnesota College
these recommendations are directed at improving inclusion and access
of Education and Human Development (U of MN CEHD).
Advocacy Award for Excellence in Leadership on Aging Issues. PFund will
to mainstream aging services and resources. Other recommendations
focus on inclusion and access within the LGBT community.
Among the report’s recommendations are:
> Include questions about sexual orientation and gender identity in all
research survey and data collection.
> Appoint LGBT advocates to the board of directors for the national
Aging Services Network.
> Provide LGBT cultural competency training for senior service
> Develop a centralized listing of all LGBT-friendly services.
> Create a gathering space for both social connections and resource
> Fund research that provides quantifiable data and information on the
lives and needs of LGBT seniors in communities served by PFund.
> Fund programs that are responsive to the unique needs of LGBT
> Create intergenerational community dialogues that provide
opportunities to learn about the experiences of LGBT seniors.
In recognition of all of its work on aging, PFund received the 2011 SAGE
The study is the first of its kind in more than a decade, and the first to
continue to work closely with our LGBT Seniors Steering committee to
survey non-urban areas and includes questions related to bisexual and
rollout multiyear work that addresses the recommendations in both
transgender older adults. It provides a detailed picture of aging providers’
experiences and capacities to serve LGBT older adults.
To download a copy of the
The “Ready to Serve?” report captured responses from 15
agencies in PFund’s region and 320 agencies nationwide. Some
of the report’s key findings include:
> More than half of agencies have offered or funded some type of
LGBT aging training to staff, and nearly all agencies are willing to offer
training in the future.
> Very few agencies offer LGBT-specific programs or outreach, and
about half of the agencies support the idea of offering LGBT-specific
> While two thirds of agencies in PFund’s region believe LGBT older
adults would be welcomed by local aging services, only one agency
had received a recent request to help a lesbian, gay or bisexual person,
and only two had received a request to help a transgender person.
“Equality as We Age” or
“Ready to Serve?” reports,
fiscal year 2011 | July 2010 – June 2011
$15,000 or more
Funders for LGBTQ Issues
Otto Bremer Foundation
RBC Wealth Management
The Saint Paul Foundation
$10,000 to $14,999
Alan Braun Fund of the
Minneapolis Foundation
Kenneth L. Eppich Fund for the
GLBT Community, a fund of the
Minneapolis Foundation
Dr. Tom L. Knabel & Dr. Kent Allin
UnitedHealth Group
$5,000 to $9,999
Stephen J. Bubul & Lee Lewis
Mark Haynes & David Hettinga
Lionel Hunter & Steven W. Walker
Lindsay Kruh
Dawn LaDassor & Dr. Michele LeClaire
Karen & John Larsen
Liberty Hill Foundation
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
James P. Quinn Esq. & Chris Zhang
Target Corporation
Thomson Reuters
Edward J. Zapp Jr.
Janet & Donald Voight
$2,000 to $4,999
Eric Lambert Anderson & Roger Beck
James Assali & Michael Mauch
Lee A. Biersdorf & Ellyn Hosch
Claire J. Chang & Dave Kippen
Scott Clugston
Gary Domann & Brian Ellingson
David Drinkwater
Douglas J. Federhart & Stuart Holland
First Universalist Church
Maggie Shannon George & Rev.
Rebecca Mary Mackenzie Voelkel
Brian Gilligan
Douglas R. Heidenreich
Joan Higinbotham
Jeff Hlavacek & Brian VanderWaal
Jason Howard & Chad Keast
Kay B. Johnson
Dale Johnson
William R. King
Michelle Knoben & Dr. Ranji Varghese
Terese A. LaLomia & Paula Delap
John E. Larsen & Michael Stewart
Kate Lehmann
Macy’s Foundation
Kristine Maritz/Meredith Fund of the
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota
Lee Mauk & Russ Bursch
Paul Mittelstadt
Nicholas J. Naumann & Joe Chadwick
Curt Nelson & Eric Swanson
Jeff O’Hern & Scott Mulert
Milo Pinkerton & Virgil Taus
Pride Foundation
ROR Tax Professionals LLC
Alan Scott
Penny Snipper & Rossi Snipper
Roderic J. Southall & Juan Jackson
John L. Sullivan
M. Shane Swanson & Jeffery Brockmann
Bruce Taylor & Dennis Carey
Miriam Weinstein & Amy Ollendorf
Pamela & William Werb III
Phyllis Wiener & Shayna Berkowitz
$1,000 to $1,999
All God’s Children Metropolitan
Community Church
Dana Badgerow & Kathy Barclay
Richard W. Bartosh
Pete Bissonette
David A. Bjork & Jeff Bengtson
John M. Brentnall
Scott Kevin Cabalka
Robert H. Carlson Jr. & Gregg S. Larson
Lois E. Carlson & Janet Kroupa
Richard G. Cook &
Steven Kent Lockwood
Randy & Paula Doroff
First Data Foundation
Marjorie Grevious & Lisa Robinson
Gregory Grinley & Raymond Terrill
Rick Groger & Don Yager
Arthur Higinbotham
Michael Hollmen
James C. Hormel
Alice Johnson & Amy Crawford
Cindy Kaiser
Margaret M. Kelly & Chris Krumm
Lindsey R. Kopp
Barry Lau
Susan E Lester & Petra Mertens
Dr. Ronald Linde & Rob Ostrander
Lutheran’s Concerned Twin Cities
Nancy J. Manahan Becky Bohan
McKnight Foundation
Michael L. Muehlbach
DyShaun Muhammad & Jeremy Black
Dr. Margaret A. O’Connor & Linda
Robert Owens
Phil Oxman & Harvey H. Zuckman
Stephen Passeri & Timothy Evens
Craig Peifer & Larry E. Lozano
Brian Pietsch & John Walsh
Steve Pospisil
Jaron Roering
Kris Rose & Stephen Rose
Becky Saltzman
Manuel Sanchez-Mejorada &
Brian Scheerhoorn
Richard Scott & Dale Vandenhouten
Philip W. Spoehr & Charles Larson
Jonathan L. Tate & Andrew J. Gerst III
The Smitten Kitten
Paul Tuchman & Thomas Evers
Josh Turnbull
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Bill Venne & Douglas L. Kline
Dr. Phillip A. Voight
Velma Wagner
Marcus R. Waterbury & Jacqueline
Alfonso Wenker
Gregory E. Wildhaber
Beth Zemsky Family Foundation
within the Raymond James
Charitable Endowment Fund
Eileen Zurek
Danielle C. & Joseph M. Wenker
Robert W. Winters
Y’All Come Back Saloon
Ron Zweber and Peter Scott Charitable
Fund of the Fidelity Charitable
Gift Fund
$250 to $499
Gregory E. Allen
Reece B. Anderson
Joseph Avila
Brad Baso
Craig Aaron Beckinger
Ruth Birkholz
Edward S. Alch & Patrick Pryor
Michele Boston & Jeff Boston
Atheists For Human Rights
Chad Brown & Charlie Botzenmayer
William George Atmore &
Kristen M. Brown & Kris Schaefer
James J. McConnell
Robert Burgett
Gregory L. Baskin
William E. Burleson & Mariann Bentz
Betty Benson & Kathleen Dion
N. Jeanne Burns &
Bradley Boogren & Jon Goodrich
Elizabeth A. Oppenheimer
Tom Borrup & Harry Waters Jr.
Susan Cogger & Terry Williams
Bremer Bank
Thomas E. Davis
Charles Burrill
Days Hotel on University
California Wellness Foundation
James L. Denton
Michael D. Cassidy & Alan Holliday
Timothy Paul Dordell & Kirk D. Ballard
Alicia Cordes
Kieran Duncan
Carol E. Cummins & Suzanne Born
Sally M. Ehlers & Ann Adams
Gary & Kathy Diamond
Daniel B. Eitingon Ph.D. &
Louise N. Dierking & Mark Meldahl
Michael R. Lambkin
D. Jane Eastwood & Carol Sharpe
RoAnne Elliott
James Eckard
Sarah L. Emery & Amy E. Elverum
Brian Erickson
Kate Eubank & Myrl E. Beam
Family Tree Clinic
Jeff Falk
Cynthia Fay & Katherine Gay Hadley
N. William Fehrenbach & Lee Anderson
First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis
Paul Hogrefe & James Sauder
Kathryn S. French
Imperial Court of Minnesota
Michael P. Garrett &
Van S. Keszler
Anthony Scornovacco
Tanya Kristjanson
Shawn Gensch
James M. Lenahan
John Gherty & M. Anne Gherty
Leonard, Street and Deinard
Joseph Gibbons & John Cullen
David B. Littlefield
Angela Kade Goepferd & Julie Pollock
Rev. Dr. George & Caroline Martin
Michael A. Grouws & Shawn Bryant
Michael J. Maurer & Joel Graf
Patti Hague & Barbara E. Merrill
Sharon F. McDonald
Dr. Thomas Harkcom
Margaret M. Molinari & Ann M. Seha
Edward R. Harris
Roya Moltaji
Frederick Hey, Jr.
Jane R. Newman & Amy S. Lange
Fabian Hoffner
Dr. Kathleen Ogle & Dr. Valerie K. Ulstad Tad Horst
Susan V. Raffo & Raquel Simoes
Bill Hosko
Kathleen Raffo
Bill Huebsch & Mark Hakomaki
George Saad Jason Howell
Gary Istad
Sarah Farley and Betty Tisel Fund of the Alex & Tamar Jackson Nelson
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Lorrie Janatopoulos
Eileen Scallen & Marianne Norris
Jefferson Lines
Timothy K. Schultz & Peter O’Toole
Denise Johnson
Andrew M. Simons
Valerie Johnson
Lori Stee
Laurie Jones & Eileen M. Rice
William S. Sternberg & Timothy B. Zuel Diana Kennedy & Jill A. Thompson
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Sara N. & Amy J. Knopke-Mooney
Ron Traxinger
Ann M. Kools & Sarah M. Gutknecht
Keith Waataja
Nicholas C. & Michaela M. Lauer
Aleta Wegner & Pamela Thoreson
Molly Lehman & Susan Rudd
Jonathan Welch
Jane Letourneau & John Frey
$500 to $999
Frederick T. MacIntyre
Richard E. Miller
Bradley H. Momsen
Sandi Nash & Kaye Fredensborg
Donald S. Ofstedal & Jerry Lee
Luisa M. Pessoa-Brandao & Vikki L. Reich
Dean Alan Raders
Ian Keith Ritchie & Douglas Bellrichard
Gregory A. Rogers & White Ash
Barbara A. Schubring & Molly L. Morton
Glenn Shifflet
Patrick T. Skelly
Dr. Frank Sorauf
Amy Spomer & Sal Yelkin
Susan L. Stacey & Brad Meinhold
Dr. Terri Starkey & Kris Lynch
Allison Steffenhagen
Linnea Stenson
Kevin Streeter
Eric W. Sullivan & Randy K. Holland
Richard & Kathy Lee Summerlee
Kevin Thompson & Dennie Juillerat
Deborah A. Thorp &
Kathleen Mary Murphy
Charlaine Tolkien & Karen Hawley
Rev. Frank S. Tomasiewicz
Bryan R. Vacinek & Christopher Gores
Dr. Allan H. Valgemae & Robert Harding
Dr. Judith Wanschura & Connie Jacobs
David M.& Ruth Harkison Waterbury
William E. Wimsett
Elizabeth S. Wright & Anne Graham
Kayva Yang
Cory Zanin & Tom Buchberger
$100 to $249
Frank Albrecht
David Alexander
Richard Allendorf & Paul Markwardt
Adam Alsleben & Christy Alsleben
Chris Amundsen & Bridget Amundsen
Roxanne Anderson & Anna Meyer
Robert K. Anderson & John D. Schmidt
Richard Aronson
Jerry L. Artz
Byron Baune & Richard Montgomery
Lauren Beach
Stuart C. Bear Esq. &
Marsha J. Schoenkin
Barbara A. Becker
Janet Berry & David Berry
Jeff Bieganek
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of
Minnesota Foundation
Steven Bolduc
George Boody & Ann Risch
Eve Rose Borenstein & Candace Falk
Dean Borghorst
Janice Born
Matthew Antonio Bosch
Barb Bottger & John Bottger
Henry A. Bromelkamp & Jeff Nelson
Burton T. Brown
Scott T. Brown
David Bucher & William Cooper
Kris Carlton & Jan Malcolm
Sally Cassellius
Lupe Castillo & Angie Pabon
Glenn T. Choquette
Liz Clarke & Steve Clarke
Erin Coryell
Catherine F. Croghan &
Kathryn Robbins
Pat Cummings
Barbara J. Dacy
Jon Derleth
Jennifer Deveney & Cory Deveney
Diego Diemyrus
Arlan P. Dohrenburg &
David James Mayo
Marta Drury & Kerry Lobel
Susan Emerson
Pamela A. Endean & Colleen M. Carey
Sheryl Erickson
Gerard A. Ewald
Corrinne M. Fiedler
First Unitarian Universalist Church
of Rochester
Gerald T. Flom
Debra Forbes
Gene Frampton & Charlotte Frampton
Thomas S. Freeman
Harold B. Freshley
Nancy L. Fulton
Judith Gavin
Gay and Lesbian Youth Services
Pierre Girard & Dennis Borrell
Gary F. Gleason
Max Gries & Tyler VanVierzen
Dr. Dwight A. Grotte & Tom B. Wilson
Sue C. Guesnard
Melanie Haddox
Kevin Hansen & Jay Olson
David Hanson & Ivars Edens
Robert C. Harding
Mel Harrington
Kim W. Havey
Mary Healy & Dan Healy
Elissa Heilicher
Helado Eller Inc.
James Helget
Stephen R. Henderson
Tricia Hendren &
Elizabeth Henderson Shreve
Paul Forrest Hickman & Owain Per-Lee
Donna J. Hillebrand & Theresa Herman
Marjean Hoeft & Lisa Vecoli
Lousene Hoppe
Marie Howard & Ray Howard
Douglas Howard
Worth L. Hudspeth
Andrea D. Jenkins
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Amy Johnson Esq.
Paul E. Kaminski & Richard J. Bonnin
Judith E. Katz
Connie Kaupi
James Kemp
Diane M. Knust
James Koplin
Dorothea Kostishack & John Kostishack
Kay Kramer & Sally Johnson
Barbara Krause & Paul Krause
Ryan Kroening
William Lampe
Charles Larson
James M. Larson
Ethan A. Laubach & Jonna G. Shelomith
LGBT Therapists of Minnesota
Mark Lofstrom
Grant Ronald Lotz & Randy J. Hartten
Lou Ann’s Restaurant
Colin P. Lovell
Barbara Rae Lund & Cathy Muldoon
Mary Mahoney
William D. Manahan
Dr. Edward B. Martin &
William M. Chaffee
Jeffrey C. Masco
Dr. J. B. Mayo Jr. & Donald Moschkau
Terry McEowen & Rick Polenek
Andrew Mercil
Louise Merriam
Peggy Miller & Catharine Van Nostrand
Anna S. Min
Nasreen Mohamed &
Charlotte A. Voight
Deborah Monicken & Susan Kattas
Mary Alice Mowry
Nancy Musselwhite
Mitchell Myre
Diane Napper & Shawn Holster
Rick Naymark
Rodney Nelson
James Newstrom
David Nicholson
Lawrence C. Novotny
Connie Nyman & Joann Usher
LaNelle Olsen
Allen Olson
Vivian J. Oscherwitz
Mary O’Sullivan Ph.D. & Frances Ball
OutFront Minnesota
Community Services
Valerie Halverson Pace & David E. Pace
Luciano Patino
James A. Payne
Steven J. Pearthree
Peter Pesheck & Lora Pesheck
Denise R. Peterson &
Tamara Lynn Peterson
Curt N. Peterson & Mike Skarp
PFLAG Southern MN
Joseph P. Plante & Eric J. Neumann
Christopher Poole
D’Ann Prior
Margaret Purcell & Mary Henry
RARE Productions
David G. Rask
Sandy Resnick & Walter Pickhardt
James Rickert & Ronald Pentz
Dr. Don Ristad & Dr. Kent Cassidy
Bryan Anderson
MJ Anderson
Bruce Andrews & Tim Welsh
Lawrence Archbold
Dr. Steve Backoff
Kevin Beam
Tony Becker & Tim Crom
Nichol Beckstrand
Kathryn M. Bique
Jerald Bonstrom
Barrie Borich
Jerry F. Borrelli & Elaine C. Borrelli
Aleta A. Borrud & Jim Y. Findlay
Flokel Brazowsky
Harriet Broin & Kenneth E. Broin
Lori Brouillette
Rhonda Brouillette
C. Elaine Brubaker
Amy Katherine Brugh &
Michael Lee Nicholls
Monica J. Bryand & Tess Rizzardi
Steve Buck & James Neagbour
Janet E. Bystrom & Amy Micek
Chris Carriero
Brad Casemore
Trevor Charon
Michael C. Chatt
Faith Cheltenham
Ann Christiansen &
Richard N. Christiansen
Mary C. Clifford
Pam Colby
Charles Collins
Jeffrey A. Compton
Lynda Cramer MSW, LICSW
Mary Crispin
Mark Dahlberg & Bob Grones
Susanne Dahlen & Julie Fredlund
Ryan Li Dahlstrom
Shannon Dahmes
Loretta Dakin
Eugene P. Danilenko
Mary Lisbeth Davidson
Christopher Davis & Gregory J. Marita
Christina Davis
Robin Davis
K.M. Davis
Breanna L. Dedrickson
Jacki R. Devine
Mary K. Dew
Ellen Dresselhuis
Philip Duran
Daniel Morgan Duty III
Daniel Dvorak
Rev. Ross Erickson
Adam S. Ackerman
Carl J. Erickson
Steven Aggergaard
Jesus Estrada-Perez
Tom Akin
John Ewoldt
Charlotte Albrecht & Kathryn G. Murphy Dr. Edward J. Fisher
Lisa Albrecht & Patricia Rouse
Marlys Fiterman
Louis Alemayehu
Kyle Frame
Sandra Allcaparras
Robert A. Frame
Dr. Carrie A. Alme
Rev. Melissa Franckowiak
Daniel S. Anderson
Mark Frederickson & Kathy S. Sullivan
Judy Anderson
Robert J. Gamoke
Adam Matthew Robbins &
Jesse Lewis Field
Lee Roehl & Paul Shapiro
Janine L. Rueter & Doris Washburn
Steve Rustand & Kevin Scott Ringdahl
Jenny Ryan & Nicole Kubista
Lois Sachs
Charles Salmen & Russ Testa
Eleanor Savage
Richard Scarlett
Laura Schlatter & Ron Schlatter
Patrick Schuette, Jr. & Dolores Dohm
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Dr. Thomas R. Scott
Claire Selkurt & Dianne C. Legg
Joyce R. Sharer
Lane M. Skalberg & Dan Brennenstahl
Sam Skoda & Sandy Williams
John G. Skogmo & Thomas Morin
John D. Stefany & Dave Odenbach
Russ Stephens
Rebecca Stibbe
Jeff Stringer
Rob Strusinski
Dr. John B. Sweet & Dr. Erik Brendtro
Jerrald Swenson
Polly Talen & Deborah Talen
Gary Taruscio & Michael Larson
Pheng Thao
Karen Thimmesch & David Gill
Jack R. Thompson & Brian Forney
Pamela L. Tibbetts & Linda K. Ellwein
Travelers Foundation
Thomas Trisko & John Rittman
Christine M. Tuhy
Valandra V
Dr. David A. Vagneur & Scott Remmel
Robert L. Vine
Peter Vitale & Stephen C. Nelson
Peter J. Wagner
Kim W. Waldof
Mary W. Wallace
Kevin Watson & Justin Jagoe
Christine D. Way
James M. Wellman & Lori Wellman
Andrea Wenker
Jonathan Wiese & Tracey Wiese
Gary Williams & Jerry Tapp
Kevin Winge & Kevin Shores
Brian R. Wollum
Ralph Wyman
Edward C. Zappa Jr.
Louise Ziegler
Up to $100
Diane Gates & Shelley Buss
Dawn Gelle & Amy Gabriel
Nancy Gertner & Paul Maggitti
Heidi Gibson
Elizabeth Glidden & Eric Pusey
Jacqueline A. Gohdes & Dorothy J. Eide
Jose L. Gonzalez
James F. Grace & Thomas Grund
Douglas Green
Green Tree
Richard Greene & Samuel Brungardt
Ryan Greenwood
Rudy Guglielmo Jr.
Helene Haapala & Connie Martin
Audrey Haberman
Nora Nell Hamburge
Martha A. Hamlin &
Catherine A. Bosworth
Rev. David J. Harris
Whitney G. Harris
Harry A. Hartigan
Sarah Hassan
Daniel Hayes & David Schwarz
Amanda Heimann
Haven Herrin
Cheryl Hetherington & Loretta Popp
Anita C. Hill
Kerry Hinze & Chantily Malibago
Anne Hodson
James Hoppe
Nancy & Barbara Jo Horvath-Zurn
Jennifer Houston &
Norma Constanza Atuesta
Rosanna L Hudgins
Susan J. Hyde
Alex Iantaffi & Mike Wright
Kim William Jeppesen &
Jeffrey L. Strand
Kirsten Johnson
Charles M. Johnson
Katherine W. Johnson
Catherine Jordan & Steve Lick
Sara Jorde & Lenice Gregory
Alexis Kantor & Jacqui Loosli
Jim Kaplan
Jennifer L. Kelley
Mackenzie Kelley
Tadd Kelly & Bradley Langlais
Danielle J. Kempe
Teri Kline & Tom Kline
Ani Koch
Dorothy Kravetz
Ronald J. Kummer
Rev. Greg LaBelle
Julie Landsman & Maury Landsman
Ellen Lansky
Nicole M. Larson
Lindsay E. Laurie
Lydia Lee
Eric Lenz
Rex Levang
Sandra B. Levine
Ann Leviton
Margaret E. Lorayne
Curt Lund
Leslie MacKenzie
Beatrice Magee
Cheryl Maloney
Amy Marsicano
James Martin & Jane Martin
Laura K. Matanah & Sarah Matanah
Darin McDonald & Joseph Joa
Cian McDonald & Gradylee M. Shapiro
Martha Ann McDonell
Cory Mehan & Daniel Lynch
Sandy J. Meredith & Denise C. Berg
Arron Meyer
Christina Michael &
Wendy van Kerkhove
Brian G. Mierow
Annie Miller
David E. Moen
Rajean P. Moone Ph.D.
Serah Morrissey
Karen Mudd
D.J. Munro
Ross B. Naegele & Lois E. Naegele
Jean L. Nead
Ross Neely
Patricia Nelson & Kim Hines
James Nepp
Richard M. Niemiec & Joan G. Niemiec
Mark Nissen
Dolores Nord & William Nord
Stephanie Norling
June Noronha
Lois Nyman
Eric Orrington
Juliana Pegues
Ronald G. Perrier
Cathy Perry & Tandy Bowman
Betsy Petersen
Dorothy Gerhart Petersen
Mary Ellis Peterson & Bill Peterson
Christine Peterson
Jessica M. Petocz
Anne Phibbs
Jeanne Audrey Powers
Ryan Prins
Marian Quinn & Diane Bystrom
Paul Ramsey
David Rasche
John Rebane & Linda Rebane
Moses W. L. Renault-Moses
Amanda Rondeau
Lee Roper-Batker & John Roper-Batker
Shantee Rosado
Diane K. Rose & Diane M. Dunlevy
Jamieson K. Rossow
Denise Roy
Patty Miller Sabie
Kevin Saltzer & Owen Hand
Roy Satre & Dorothy J. Satre
Greg Sauve
H. W. Schafer III
Wanda & Bart Schempp
Diana Schempp
Belle & Robert Scott
John Scott
Aileen Seoane
Srividhya Shanker
Brad Shark & Don Sommers
Tim Short
Ron Siefert & Bob Velander
Marjorie Sigel & Dick Van Deusen
Laurie Rose Simon
Daniel S. Singer
Kasandra Skistad
Dorothy Skobba
Alan P. Skogerbo
Laura D. Smidzik & Linda Sue Smidzik
Rebecca Smith
Kareem Smith
Michael Spivak +
Sarah D. Squillace
Dianne Star
Scott Steen
Anna Stern & Christopher C. Danforth
H. David Stewart & Elona Street-Stewart
Annalee Stewart
Meg Stinchcomb
Sheryl R. Stockton & Anita L. Bradshaw
Jon Stork
Mackenzie Sullivan
Wallace Swan
Timothy W. Tennant-Jayne
Neal T. Thoelke
Brian A Thomson
Leo J. Tibesar Jr.
Clark Travis & John Kolander
Rene K. Tripeny & Janet G. Bush
Frank Trnka
Eleanore J. Troxel
Ethan Turcotte
Jeffrey J. Turner
Jeff Tweeten
Gerald F. Tyrrell & Kevin Reuther
William L. Underwood & Chris Everett
Chris Van Meter
Ann C. Viitala Esq. & Laura Ayers
Eli Vitulli
Greg Wallin
Alisa Walz-Flannigan
Shawn Wanta
Rodney Washington
Darrel Waters
Donald Whipple Fox & Ricky Nolan
Erin Whitworth
Dan Wielinski
Leni Wilcox
Jodi Williams & Mark Gemmell
Julie B. Williams
Mathew Williams
Khong Xiong
Kevin Xiong
Leslie Yoder
Jennifer Young
Tom Zachary & Mike Carlson
Jerome F. Zetah Ph.D. & Carol F. Zetah
+ Deceased
We make every attempt to ensure accuracy
in our donor lists. For corrections, please
contact the PFund office.
tribute gifts
corporate match
In Fiscal Year 2011 these companies generously matched
donations to PFund made by their employees
In honor of James Assali
Daniel Hayes & David Schwarz
In honor of Kevin and Will’s wedding
Erin Coryell
Ameriprise Financial Gift Matching Program
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation
California Wellness Foundation
First Data Foundation
Green Tree
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Macy's Foundation
ROR Tax Professionals LLC
Seward Co-op
Thomson Reuters
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Travelers Foundation
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
In honor of Suzanne Born & Carol Cummins
Janice Born
In honor of Bill King
Pat Cummings
In memory of Daniel Boyer
Randy & Paula Doroff
In honor of Ryan Kroening & Alfonso Wenker
Susan V. Raffo & Rocki Simoes
In honor of Janet Bystrom
Marian Quinn & Diane Bystrom
In honor of Jess Lauer
Nicholas C. & Michaela M. Lauer
In honor of Patrick Carey and Tanya Repka
Bruce Taylor & Dennis Carey
In honor of Barb Lund and Cathy Muldoon
Nancy Musselwhite
In honor of Lupe Castillo
Lisa Albrecht & Patricia Rouse
goods & services
In honor of the marriage of
Mark Miller and Bernard Lee
Darrel Waters
In honor of Susan Cogger
Janet & David Berry
Sally Cassellius
Covington Inn Bed & Breakfast
Eastern Shore Natural Health
John Farrell, III
Galtier Towers Apartments and Bigos Management
Bryan Gerber
Guthrie Theater
Heartland Restaurant
Helland Hoven Editing Services
Marjorie Huebner
Connie Kaupi
Ryan Kroening
Thea M. Lee
Christopher Loew
MacPhail Center for Music
Minnesota Opera
Minnesota Orchestra
Jaron Roering
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
Sea Change Resaurant
Mauricio Volaco Simões
SmartBase Solutions
Spot Spa - Uptown
Sun Country Airlines
Tangletown Gardens & Wise Acre Eatery
Taurus Moon Graphic Design, LLC
The Jungle Theater
Alejandra Tobar-Alatriz
Voight Family
Wenker Family
Dawn Wittenberg
In honor of Leigh Combs’ birthday
Mary Ellis & Bill Peterson
In honor of Alicia Cordes
Barbara Krause & Paul Krause
In honor of Rev. Paul Ecknes-Tucker
James Kemp
In honor of Anna Min
Adam Matthew Robbins & Jesse Lewis Field
In honor of The PFund REI Leadership Cohort
Patricia Nelson & Kim Hines
In memory of Kim John Schave
Craig Aaron Beckinger
In honor of Di Schempp
Wanda & Bart Schempp
In honor of Kate Eubank and Susan Raffo
Amy Marsicano
Ryan Li Dahlstrom
In honor of C. Scott Shields
Bruce Taylor & Dennis Carey
In honor of Kurt Hamilton
James M. Lenahan
In memory of Michael Spivak
Frederick T. MacIntyre
In honor of Sandra Helm’s birthday
Douglas Howard
In honor of Baby Nora
Gary & Kathy Diamond
Jason Howard & Chad Keast
In honor of Gil Hernandez’s Birthday
John M. Brentnall
In memory of Amy Trnka
Frank Trnka
In honor of David Hettinga
John & Linda Rebane
John & M. Anne Gherty
In honor of Darrel Waters
Aleta A. Borrud & Jim Y. Findlay
In honor of Carol Hohenstein
Laurie Rose Simon
In honor of Afonso Wenker
Colin P. Lovell
In honor of Jason Howard
Marie & Ray Howard
In honor of Andrew Wilfahrt
Bruce Taylor & Dennis Carey
In honor of Helen Johnson
Margaret E. Lorayne
In honor of Greg Grinley
Bradley Boogren & Jon Goodrich
Catherine F. Croghan & Kathryn Robbins
Robert A. Frame
Gary F. Gleason
Rudy Guglielmo Jr
Audrey Haberman
Nora Nell Hamburge
Paul Hogrefe & James Sauder
Dawn LaDassor & Michele LeClaire
Kate Lehmann
Laura K. & Sarah Matanah
Karen Mudd
Cathy Perry & Tandy Bowman
Betsy Petersen
Mary Ellis & Bill Peterson
Jaron Roering
Lee & John Roper-Batker
Laura D. & Linda Sue Smidzik
Richard Scott & Dale Vandenhouten
John L. Sullivan
Leo J. Tibesar Jr.
Paul Tuchman & Thomas Evers
Bill Venne & Douglas Lee Kline
Kevin Winge & Kevin Shores
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota
In honor of Becky Saltzman’s Birthday
Lauren Beach
Faith Cheltenham
Susan J. Hyde
Dorothy Kravetz
Beatrice Magee
Anna S. Min
Luciano Patino
Diana Schempp
Sarah D. Squillace
Kevin Watson & Justin Jagoe
In honor of Heather Hackman’s Birthday
Mary C. Clifford
Ethan A. Laubach & Jona G. Shelomith
Christine Peterson
Peter Vitale & Stephen C. Nelson
Rodney Washington
In honor of Kelly Lewis
Shannon Dahmes
Christina Davis
Ryan Greenwood
J. B. Mayo Jr. & Donald Moschkau
Ross Neely
Becky Saltzman
Jennifer Young
©Rebecca Lawrence
©Rebecca Lawrence
©Brenda K. Peters
Cabaret co-chairs James Assali and Jackie Moes
Cabaret thank you
2011 was the biggest and best Cabaret fundraiser yet and it was
all because of our fantastic co-chairs, producer, entertainers, and
committee. Thank you for raising the visibility of PFund, bringing new
friends and faces to the organization, and raising the dollars needed
to create an Upper Midwest where all can experience equality, safety,
and community.
volunteer thank you
James Assali and Jackie Moes
Lori Dokken
Each year, nearly 100 committed volunteers support the work of
PFund through committees, grant and scholarship reviews, event
production, and office assistance. Your actions in support of PFund
make a different future possible. The hard work and dedication of
our volunteers allows PFund to be a flexible, responsive, and dynamic
Sarah Greer & Friends
David Sutton
Cale the Juggler
Cedar Avenue
Dan Chouinard
Michael Monroe
Seven Steps to Havana
organization, with a broad reach across LGBT communities in our
region. Thank you for your service!
©Rebecca La
E. Shor and Kelly Lewis,
Cabaret volunteers
2011 PFund scholars
Kayva Yang, Cheryl Maloney,
Roxanne Anderson
©Anna Min
Sue Guesnard and
Carol Cummins
Meghan Babcock | Mankato, Minn.
Minnesota State University-Mankato Award ($2,000)
Lisa Beane | Minneapolis
Thomson Reuters Law Student Award ($2,500)
Bory Chhunn | Rochester, Minn.
Holland-Federhart Outstanding Arts Award ($2,000)
Blue Earth Area Award ($2,000)
PFund’s scholarship program awards scholarships to LGBT and
allied student leaders throughout Minnesota that demonstrate
a commitment to LGBT equality, participate actively in their
Erin Hill | Rochester, Minn.
Southeast Minnesota Award ($1,500)
Reverend Obed “Duke” and RuthE Lundeen Social Justice
Award ($1,000)
communities, and take on leadership roles both on and off campus.
This year we awarded scholarships to 17 student leaders.
Jason Jackson | Minneapolis
Haynes-Hettinga African American or Native American Student
Award ($5,000)
Natalie Lassman | St. Paul, Minn.
Carey/Taylor Music Performance Award ($2,500)
Jini Lawless | Bemidji, Minn.
RBC Wealth Management Award ($2,000)
Kacie Lucchini | Minneapolis
Nancy T. Kelly Female Writer Award ($3,000)
Hannah Lutz | St. Paul, Minn.
Atheists for Human Rights Award ($500)
Dr. Tom Knabel Academic Achievement Award ($3,000)
Heather Menzies | Apple Valley, Minn.
Gilligan-Pospisil Homelessness Award ($3,000)
Hayley Olson | Duluth, Minn.
Meuwissen-Werb Leadership Award ($2,000)
Elizabeth Sanberg | Minneapolis
Lee Roehl Founders Scholarship presented by Quorum ($2,500)
Hassan Sankoh | St. Paul, Minn.
Marjorie D. Grevious and Lisa R. Robinson Leadership Award ($1,000)
All God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church Award ($1,000)
Lexi Schoenbauer | Minneapolis
Manahan-Bohan Rural Lesbian Award ($1,000)
Brian Pietsch Leadership Award ($1,000)
Enzi Tanner | Minneapolis
Miriam Weinstein Peace and Justice Education Award ($3,000)
Jacob Woods | Grand Rapids, Minn.
Lutheran Award ($2,000)
Wellness Award ($1,000)
Xay Yang | Minneapolis
Linde-Ostrander Building Bridges Award ($5,000)
lavender legacy league fiscal year 2011
Anonymous* (14)
Gregory Baskin
David Berchenbriter and Bill Zwart*
David Bjork
Stephen Boekelman*
Brad Boogren
Thomas C. Borrup*
Alan Braun
John M. Brentnall*
Stephen Bubul and Lee Lewis
Awen and Kit Briem*
Chad A. Brown
Steve Buck
Richard Burbach
Lois E. Carlson*
Michael Chatt*
John Chenoweth*+
Scott Clugston
Diane Collins and Teresa Reid
Richard Cook and Steven Kent Lockwood*
Catherine Croghan and Kathryn Robbins
Carol Cummins and Suzanne Born*
Doug Dekker
Arlan Dohrenburg*
Gary Domann and Brian Ellingson
Timothy Dordell and Kirk Ballard
Shirley Duke
Daniel Eitingon, Ph.D.
Ken Eppich*+
Kathryn French
Linda Ganister and Susan Duffy
Judith Gavin*
Brian Gilligan
Gregory Grinley*
Rick Groger and Don Yager*
James C. Groskopf
Sue Guesnard*
Mark Haynes and David Hettinga
Teresa Hanratty and
Luz Marie Hernandez
Mel Harrington*
Jed Hastings
Steve Henderson
Jim Hesley*
Arthur Higinbotham*
Joan Higinbotham*
Jeff Hlavacek and Brian Vanderwaal*
Marjean Hoeft and Lisa Vecoli
Jason Howard
Bob Jansen*
Amy Johnson, Esq.*
Paul E. Kaminski*
Darla J. Kashian*
Dr. Bonnie M. Kelterborn
Bill King*
Tom L. Knabel, MD,* and Kent Allin
Ed Kulik
Dawn LaDassor and Michelle LeClaire, MD*
Bill Lampe*
John Larsen and Michael Stewart
Barry Lau
Kate Lehmann*
Ron Linde, MD, and Rob Ostrander
Glenn Lindsey
Patrick Lochwood and Thomas Saga
Nancy Manahan and Becky Bohan*
Paul Marystone*+
Michael Matson*+
Roger O. Mattson*
David J. “Doc” Mayo*
Dennis E. Miller*
Paul Mittelstadt
Deborah Monicken and Sue Kattas
MaryAlice Mowry
Michael Muehlbach
Rodney Nelson
Joe Nix and Bob Werner*
Kathy Ogle, MD, and Val Ulstad, MD*
Kaye Otter*
Chuck Peterson and Joe Skifter*
Joseph Plante and Eric J. Neumann
Steve Pospisil
Margaret Purcell and Mary Henry
James P. Quinn, Esq.
Dean Raders*
Robert Ridenour+
Ian Keith Ritchie and Douglas Bellrichard
Lee Roehl* and Paul Shapiro
Jaron Roering
Rick Scott and Dale Vandenhouten*
Thomas Scott, MD
Myke Selha*
Claire Selkurt and Dianne Legg
Joyce Sharer*
Joseph Shulka+ and Dallas Drake*
Allan Spear+
Philip Spoehr*
Robert Strusinski
Eric Sullivan*
John Sullivan
Wallace Swan
M. Shane Swanson and Jeffery Brockmann*
Merle H. Sykora
Bruce Taylor and Dennis Carey
Leo J. Tibesar*
Tom Trisko*
Paul Tuchman*
Bill Venne
Ann C. Viitala, Esq.
Phillip Voight
Velma Wagner*
Marcus R. Waterbury*
Darrel Waters*
Miriam Weinstein
Pam and Bill Werb
Gregg White*
Gregory Wildhaber
Ronald C. Wilson*
Harvey Zuckman and Philip Oxman*
Ron Zweber*
Bold indicates a new member
in Fiscal Year 2011
+ Deceased
* Charter Members
©Anna Min
Paul Shapiro, Lee Roehl, Jesse Field
Grantee convening
The Lavender Legacy League celebrates nearly 170 individuals that
have included PFund in their estate planning, by designating PFund
as beneficiary of a will, insurance policy, retirement plan, IRA, or other
asset. The legacy planning of these individuals and couples today
ensures that PFund will make an impact far into our future.
To join the Lavender Legacy League, all you need to do is call the
office at 612-870-1806 or 800-435-1402 and let us know you’ve
included PFund in your estate plans.
©Anna Min
loyalty league
©Anna Min
Amy Johnson and
Denise Roy
©Brenda K. Peters
Jay Miller and Brad Wagner at Cabaret
The collective giving of PFund's most loyal donors continues to
change the future for LGBT people living in the Upper Midwest.
PFund's loyalty league represents a community of donors that have
made gifts to the Foundation at any level in each of the last 8 years,
or whose total giving to PFund totals $20,000 or more. Thank you
for your ongoing support toward a future where LGBT people have
access to safety, security and equality.
Lawrence Archbold
Barbara A. Becker
Betty Benson & Kathleen Dion
David W. Berchenbriter & William Zwart
Bradley Boogren & Jon Goodrich
Alan G. Braun
John M. Brentnall
Harriet Broin & Kenneth E. Broin
Henry A. Bromelkamp & Jeff Nelson
Stephen J. Bubul & Lee Lewis
David Bucher & William Cooper
N. Jeanne Burns & Elizabeth A. Oppenheimer
Scott Kevin Cabalka
Lois E. Carlson & Janet Kroupa
Robert H. Carlson Jr. & Gregg S. Larson
Scott Clugston
Susan Cogger & Terry Williams
Diane Collins & Teresa Reid
Catherine F. Croghan & Kathryn Robbins
Carol E. Cummins & Suzanne Born
James L. Denton
Mary K. Dew
Sally M. Ehlers & Ann Adams
Daniel B. Eitingon Ph.D. & Michael R. Lambkin
Cynthia Fay & Katherine Gay Hadley
Dr. Edward J. Fisher
Gerald T. Flom
Michael P. Garrett & Anthony Scornovacco
Brian Gilligan
Brook Glaefke
Jacqueline A. Gohdes & Dorothy J. Eide
Gregory Grinley & Raymond Terrill
Edward R. Harris
Mark Haynes & David Hettinga
James Helget
Stephen R. Henderson
Glenn W. Highland
Arthur Higinbotham
Joan Higinbotham
Jeff Hlavacek & Brian VanderWaal
Marjean Hoeft & Lisa Vecoli
Paul Hogrefe & James Sauder
Jason Howard & Chad Keast
Lionel Hunter & Steven W. Walker
Alice Johnson & Amy Crawford
Amy Johnson Esq.
Cindy Kaiser
Van S. Keszler
William R. King
Dr. Tom L. Knabel & Kent Allin
Ann M. Kools & Sarah M. Gutknecht
Lindsey R. Kopp
Dawn LaDassor & Michele LeClaire M.D.
William Lampe
Karen Larsen & John Larsen
John E. Larsen & Michael Stewart
Kate Lehmann
Dr. Ronald Linde & Rob Ostrander
David B. Littlefield
Grant Ronald Lotz & Randy J. Hartten
Nancy J. Manahan & Becky Bohan
Paul Marystone
Jeffrey C. Masco
Lee Mauk & Russ Bursch
Michael J. Maurer & Joel Graf
McKnight Foundation
Richard E. Miller
Paul Mittelstadt
Deborah Monicken & Susan Kattas
Michael L. Muehlbach
Rodney Nelson
Jane R. Newman & Amy S. Lange
Richard M. Niemiec & Joan G. Niemiec
Dr. Kathleen Ogle & Dr. Valerie K. Ulstad M.D.
Phil Oxman & Harvey H. Zuckman
James P. Quinn Esq. & Chris Zhang
Robert C. Ridenour
Ian Keith Ritchie & Douglas Bellrichard
Lee Roehl & Paul Shapiro
Jaron Roering
ROR Tax Professionals LLC
Janine L. Rueter & Doris Washburn
Timothy K. Schultz & Peter O’Toole
Richard Scott & Dale Vandenhouten
Dr. Thomas R. Scott
Glenn Shifflet
Philip W. Spoehr & Charles Larson
William S. Sternberg & Timothy B. Zuel
John L. Sullivan
M. Shane Swanson & Jeffery Brockmann
Jerrald Swenson
Jack R. Thompson & Brian Forney
Deborah A. Thorp & Kathleen Mary Murphy
Thomas Trisko & John Rittman
Paul Tuchman & Thomas Evers
Bryan R. Vacinek & Christopher Gores
Ann C. Viitala Esq. & Laura Ayers
Janet Voight & Donald Voight
Mary W. Wallace
David M. Waterbury & Ruth Harkison Waterbury
Marcus R. Waterbury & Jacqueline White
Pamela J. Werb & William R. Werb III
Donald Whipple Fox & Ricky Nolan
Gary Williams & Jerry Tapp
Robert W. Winters
Elizabeth S. Wright & Anne Graham
Edward J. Zapp Jr.
Eileen Zurek
Ronald J. Zweber & Peter Scott
financial statements Summarized Financial Information
Statement of Financial Position
Fiscal year ended June 30:
Investments Contributions receivable Prepaid expenses Equipment, less accumulated
Depreciation of $24,348 in 2011
and $21,997 in 2010
Total assets Statement of Activities
929,680 9,530 7,085 2,115
4,456 $975,392
Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts payable and accrued expenses Grants payable Funds held for Quatrefoil Library Total liabilities Net Assets:
Unrestricted net assets:
Endowment investment losses
Board designated – program
Total unrestricted net assets
Temporarily restricted
Permanently restricted
Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets 11,652 8,000 100,096 23,430
119,748 138,454
Total support and revenues 940,332
Program services
Grants, scholarships, education and
Supporting services
Management and administrative
Fundraising 476,580
Change in net assets
Net assets at beginning of year
Support and revenues
Individual contributions Corporate & foundation contributions
Special events, net of expenses Management fees Investment gain
Total expenses Net assets at end of year 71,376 (78,622)
334,551 875,362 35,589
1,202,667 836,938
$1,322,416 $975,392
The above is summarized financial information. The complete reviewed financial statement conducted by
auditors Olsen Thielen & Co., Ltd. Is available at
Fiscal year ended June 30:
Management &
Funding Use
Grants, Scholarships,
Education &
fiscal year 2011 board, staff and volunteers
PFund board
at its January
Staff (July 2010 – June 2011)
Finance and Investment
Kate Eubank and Susan Raffo, executive director
Susan Cogger, director of development and communications
(2007 – February 2011)
Lois Epstein, accountant
Ryan Kroening, events and outreach coordinator
Alfonso Wenker, director of development and communications
Kayva Yang, program officer
John Brentnall | Wells Fargo
Mark Conrad | ArtSpace
Joe Gibbons | Merrill Lynch
Kris Maritz | Minneapolis Consortium of Community Developers
David Olivero | Jostens
Jaron Roering | US Bank Chair
Shane Swanson | Leonard, Street and Deinard
©Anna Min
Steve Bubul | Kennedy and Graven
Lorrie Janatopoulous | Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA)
Roderic Southall | Metropolitan Council Chair
Fiscal Year 2011 Board of Directors
Stephen Bubul
Kennedy and Graven
Bill Burleson
Vice President Programs
Minnesota Department
of Health
Lupe Castillo
Alicia Cordes
University of Minnesota
Jason Howard
Print Craft
Lorrie Janatopoulos
Arrowhead Economic
Opportunity Agency (AEOA),
a community action agency
Dale Johnson
Minnesota Opera
Anna Min
Macalester College
Diane Napper
Vice President Communications
Taurus Moon Graphic
Design, LLC
Alex Jackson Nelson
Jackson Nelson Consulting:
Training and Interpreting
Jaron Roering
Treasurer and Vice President
US Bank
Roderic Southall
Vice President Governance
Metropolitan Council
Shane Swanson
Leonard, Street and Deinard
Bill Venne
Vice President Development
University of Minnesota
Deb Williams
Minneapolis Public Schools
Kayva Yang
©Anna Min
Bill Burleson | Minnesota Dept. of Health Chair
Alex Jackson | Nelson Jackson Nelson Consulting: Training and
Interpreting Services
Lorrie Janatopoulous | Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA)
Dawn LaDassor | Blanchard Chase
Deb Williams | Minneapolis Public Schools
Grant Reviewers
Committees and Review Teams (board member in bold)
The work of PFund’s volunteer committees and review teams ensure
community input and feedback in all the work we do. The combined
actions of each group of volunteers brings us one step closer to a
future where LGBT people are celebrated and free from discrimination.
Jeff Falk | University of Minnesota
Lindsay Kruh | Community Volunteer
Anna Min | Macalester College
Diane Napper | Taurus Moon Graphic Design, LLC Chair
Eric Schuller Dana-Farber | Cancer Institute
Roderic Southall | Metropolitan Council
Chad Brown | Greater Twin Cities United Way
Lupe Castillo
Alicia Cordes | University of Minnesota
Jason Howard | Printcraft
Dale Johnson | Minnesota Opera
Shane Swanson L| eonard, Street and Deinard
Bill Venne | University of Minnesota Chair
Kayva Yang
Kathy Bique, Steve Bubul, Richard Burbach, Bill Burlseon, Jane Eastwood,
Nikki Kubista, Dawn LaDassor, Nancy Lee, Kate Lehmann, Jerry McCabe,
Anna Min, Luciano Patiño, Heidi Schreiber, Becky Stibbe, Josh Turnbull,
Bill Venne, Gail Vold-Greco, Gregory Wildhaber, Kayva Yang
Scholarship Reviewers
Roxanne Anderson, Matthew Antonio Bosch, Bill Burleson, K.M. Davis,
Alex Jackson-Nelson, Lorrie Janatopoulos, Tom Knabel, Abel Knochel,
Dawn LaDassor, Amy Marsicano, Jamie Ann Meyers, Diane Napper, Justin
Nash, Curt Nelson, Eli Vitulli, Deb Willians
Executive Director Search Committee
John Brentnall, search committee co-chair,
Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement
Matthew Antonio Bosch, North Hennepin Community College
Alicia Cordes, search committee co-chair, University of Minnesota
Marjorie Grevious, PFund scholarship donor
Max Gries, private piano teacher and house manager of
Ted Mann Concert Hall
Bill Venne, University of Minnesota
Kayva Yang, PFund board member
Gregory Wildhaber, Daniel Eitingon, Rick Scott
Steel drum performance at
Evening with Music and Friends
Rainbow Rumpus, Grantee Partner
Philanthrofund Foundation
1409 Willow Street, Suite 109
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
p 612 870 1806
1 800 435 1402
f 612 871 6587
address service requested
Advancing social justice
for LGBT communities
in the Upper Midwest
Non-Profit Org
US Postage
Permit #515
Twin Cities, MN