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1. Do rooms 1718, 1721, 1722, 1202 and 1203 have plenum ceilings?
1718, 1721, 1722 – Plenum ceilings
1202 and 1203 – Plenum ceilings
2. What is the earliest date we can have access to the rooms?
Friday, December 13, 2013 after 1pm
Can we work weekends?
3. The electrical to the projector is not to code. It must be surface mounted. Will this be corrected?
4. Do you prefer the wires by the lectern to run inside or outside the walls?
Our preference is inside the wall wherever possible. Surface mount wiring is OK as a last resort.
5. Are the electrical outlets in rooms 1721 and 1722 dedicated outlets, especially by the lectern areas on
the front walls?
For each room (1721 and 1722), all the outlets on the front wall are on one circuit
6. Room 1722 did meet electrical code for the projector but 1721 did not, will the College’s electrician
correct the problem?
7. The winning vendor will install projectors and screens in room 1202 and 1203, correct?
8. What are the dimensions of rooms 1202 and 1203?
Rm. 1202:
28 ft – length
27.5 ft – width
10 ft – height
Rm. 1203:
28 ft 10 in – length
27.5 ft – width
10 ft – height
Are the lights on separate switches?
One switch by each entrance of the room (1202 & 1203):
1. Main On/Off (all on or all off)
2. Individual control of lighting (4 rows)
Where are lecterns located?
1202: lectern located in NW corner
1203: lectern located in SE corner
9. The College will accept cables equal to the ones listed on the RFQ equipment list. All of the
equipment must be specific with no subs.
10. The Tascam US-2000 has been discontinued. Speaking with our Tascam rep there is no replacement
expected. Is there an alternate suggested?
Tascam US-2000 is still available on many online stores. No alternatives will be accepted.
11. There are 32 JBL speakers in the project. Did you have a specific number you wanted in each room
since it works out to be 6.4 per room?
1718, 1721, 1722 – 8 JBL speakers per room
1202 and 1203 – 4 JBL speakers per room
12. Is there an opportunity to get into the rooms prior to 13 December?
Friday, December 13, 2013 after 1pm is the earliest time available to begin installation.
13. Apantac has a version of the HD Based T TX/RX that is called Set 3. It is guaranteed to send signal up
to 70 meters. The Set 1 is for 100 meters. The set 23 is approximately 20% less expensive. None of
the classrooms should be over 30 meters form TX to RX. Will the Set 3 be acceptable?
No. We will only accept Apantec HDBT-SET-1 as listed in the equipment list for this project.
14. Will the quotes need to include WA State sales tax?
Yes. Please include WA State sales tax in your quotes.
15. Item one is 5 ea. chief RPAMAUW mount and additional 5 ea Chief CMS440 and CMS003W. Three
projectors are already installed in Classroom A, B, C in bldg 1700. Do you want those taken down and
the RPAUW/CMS440/CMS003W installed with the existing projectors?
Yes as they were probably not mounted correctly to the ceiling in the first place.
16. The VDO360 USB camera requires local power. Will the college provide the local power at the
camera location?
The campus electrician will be able to assist the A/V vendor with any electrical need while onsite.
17. The VDO360 requires local power and a USB extender package to get the USB video to the
computer and has 12X zoom. An alternative camera is the Vaddio Zoomshot Wallview Mini with USB
mini interface (see attached spec sheet). The interface provides power and video over CAT5 AND RS232
control over CAT5 AND includes an IR remote control. The IR remote can also control up to 3 cameras if
there is a need for additional cameras n the future. And it also has 19X zoom. The Zoomshot cost a bit
more but the additional expense of the Tripp Lite USB extenders and local power that is needed by the
VDO360 ends up to be a much higher cost than the Vaddio product. Is the Vaddio Zoomshot an
acceptable substitute?
No alternatives will be accepted.
18. Will the college set up the USB ports on the PC with the USB drivers?
19. Will the college set-up the Hitachi Starboard software with the PC?
20. What control functions are needed on the 8 buttons on the Extron MLC62 RS D? Projector off-on,
volume up-down via Extron1606, Extron 1606 input select?
Display On/Off
Volume Up/Down/Mute
Source selections (VGA/HDMI/PC)
21. The Attachment B show 8 speakers on the drawing. Is that to be 8 speakers per room for 40 each?
1718, 1721, 1722 – 8 JBL speakers per room
1202 and 1203 – 4 JBL speakers per room
22. The Attachment A shows 13 each Clearone ceiling mic arrays total. The Attachment B shows 3 mics
in the room. Is that 3 mics per room for a total of 15 Clearone ceiling mic arrays?
1718, 1721, 1722 – 3 mics per room
1202 and 1203 – 2 mics per room
23. Apantac recommends CAT6 cable for their HD Base T TX/TX devices. Is the college expecting CAT5
or CAT6 cable to connect the Apantac devices?
CAT6 cable will be needed
24. Since the Tascam US2000 is discontinued substitutes would be the new Behringer FCA1616 or
Presonus 1818VSL.
No alternatives will be accepted.