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Warm -up
• Copy HW
• Clear your desk completely!!!
Grading the Exam!!!
• If you got an answer correct don’t do anything!!
• If you got it wrong simply write a “-2” next to the
• Total up your points wrong and subtract from 100
• Please put your total ____/100 next to your name
Greek Games 2014
Athens vs. Sparta
• The Ancient Greek Civilization started almost 4,000 years ago, but Greek
ideas about government, science, and the arts are still important today.
Two of the most significant city-states in Greek History were Athens and
Sparta. Each city-state had its own views on how a civilization should be
developed, but they both left behind lessons that we can learn from today.
As these great Greek powers clashed, so shall Team 7-2. Each student will
be named a citizen of Athens or Sparta. Then each citizen will be placed on a
team of citizens working toward strengthening your city-state. Your team
will earn citizens based on hard work, discipline and creativity. Victory will
go to the team that has earned the most citizens at the end of the struggle.
• Who will stand victorious?????
• Who will make the largest impact on Western Civilization?????
• Who will reap the rewards?????
Citizens can be earned for your citystate various ways…
Art Work
Oral Reports
Writing Assignments
Reading Battles
Greek Day Olympic Competitions
Greek Game Shows
Game Consequence Cards
To the victors go the spoils…
• * Half Way Bonus (Top City-State)
• 10 Bonus Points and snack for Greek Movie Day
• * Overall Top City State• 10 Bonus Points, 2 HW Passes, Special Activity
• * Top Council of Citizens• 100%-Greek Unit Test, Special Lunch, “Surprise