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World History Honors Course Syllabus
Teacher: Mr. Glezman
Room: 201
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @MrGlezKPSD
Duration: Semester 1 (MP1 9/6 to 11/8) (MP2 11/9 to 1/26)
Mission: The Keyport Public School District recognizes that each student is an individual and
will to work to ensure that we facilitate the development of each child to his or her greatest
potential. Our mission is to challenge each student to thrive in a safe, caring, and stimulating
learning environment.
During the participation and conclusion of this course it is the objective for all students to:
1) Develop reasoning of how prior historical events shaped their personal
understandings of the 21st century global society and world.
2) Analyze a variety of sources of information and develop techniques to enhance the
learning process.
3) Generate ideas and opinions on past, current and future events that will promote
active and informed citizenship.
Mission: Social studies education provides learners with the knowledge, skills, and
perspectives needed to become active, informed citizens and contributing members of local,
state, national, and global communities in the digital age.
(NJ Department of Education)
The World History Honors course will provide students a class that will enhance their
overall knowledge of world history content and develop critical thinking skills to help
students become active and global citizens. Students will use content driven instruction and
content guided assessments to improve, enhance and develop reading comprehension,
writing, public speaking, technology and 21st century skills. The learning and education of
this course will allow students to become informed and active participants in their
community and in a global world.
1. A pen or pencil
2. Single Subject Notebook
3. Chromebook
Unit #1
Renaissance, Reformation &
Scientific Revolution
Unit #5
Industrial Revolution
Unit #2
Age of Exploration &
Development of a Global World
Unit #6
Growth of Nationalism &
Unit #3
Age of Absolutism
Unit #7
World War I
Unit #4
Enlightenment & Age of
Unit #8
World War II
Students will be graded by the grading system used throughout Keyport High School
50% Major Assignments – Tests, Written Essay/Response, Portfolio, Projects, DBQ
40% Minor Assignments – In class assignments, class participation, Do Now Assignments, Quiz
10% Homework – Students will be assigned a minimum of one homework assignment per week
Students are responsible for all assigned work in and out of the class. If a student fails to
complete work on assigned due date students will lose 10 points per day, the assignment is
missing. If assignment is not returned three days past the due date the maximum grade student
can receive is a 70.
In case a student is absent, students will be provided the work needed and have an opportunity to
complete any missed assignments. However, if a student was given an assignment to complete
prior to their absence it will be the expectation that students will hand in assignment on their
first day back from absence.
Extra credit opportunities will be provided throughout the year.
This classroom will be in compliance and follow the rules and guidelines outlined in the Keyport
High School Student Handbook. The basic rules of the classroom are as follows:
Be Prompt
Be Prepared
Be a Positive Participant
Be Mindful of Personal Space
Electronic Devices to be used when instructed
No Food or Drink during class
Students unable to follow these basic rules of behavior may be subject to discipline action.
1st offense will require a verbal warning and conversation between student and teacher.
2nd offense will require a call or message home to parents/guardians.
3rd offense may result in a teacher assigned detention.
4th offense student will be written up and a parent, student, teacher conference will be
Mr. Glezman can be reached regularly at [email protected] Please allow 48 hours for
response email. Class specific announcements and notifications can be seen regularly on twitter,
@MrGlezKPSD, or on the google classroom website (
If a parent would like to request a conference, please email and make clear the purpose for
conference and requested date and time. Response email will confirm conference and/or provide
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