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Music Theory
© Copyright John Boulware 2010
Major Chords
Worksheet 2
a.What are the notes in an A major
This Worksheet will test your knowledge of the
major chords: certain notes that we play as a
group to convey a particular musical feeling or tonality.
b. What are the notes in a D major
1. How many notes are in a triad?
2. Using numbers, what are the notes in a
major triad?
(Hint: Use the scale: R 2 3 4 5 6 7 R)
3. What are the notes in a C major chord?
(Remember, the key of C major has no
flats or sharps.)
6. An arpeggio is when the notes of a
chord are played individually:
7. Chords can only contain three notes; no
more, no less.
a. True
b. False
4. Major chords can contain flat notes:
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Music Theory
© Copyright John Boulware 2010
Major and Minor Scales
Worksheet 1
1. Three.
2. R 3 5
3. C E G
4. True. There is a major chord for every
key, and then some.
a. A C♯ E
b. D F♯ A
6. True.
7. False. A chord has to contain at least
three notes, but many chords contain
more than three.
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