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World Studies ­­ Academic For each of the sections that follow students may be required to analyze, recall, explain, interpret, apply, or evaluate the particular concepts being taught. Renaissance and Reformation
· · Understand the significance of the Renaissance
Discuss the persons and events of the Protestant Reformation European Exploration and Colonization
· · Trace the geographical patterns of the Age of Exploration
Compare the various methods of colonization used by the Europeans Powerful States in Europe
· · Analyze the factors leading to the growth of nation­states in Europe
Understand the concept of "Enlightened Deposit" New Ideas in Europe
· · Explain the impact of the Scientific Revolution
Analyze the writings of the Enlightenment French Revolution
· · Understand the causes, events, and results of the French Revolution
Analyze the significance of Napoleon Bonaparte The West in the Industrial Age
· · Discuss the results of the Industrial Revolution
Analyze the period of parliamentary reform in England Nationalism in Europe
· · Compare and contrast the growth of nationalism in Italy and Germany
Trace the history of Russia under the Romanovs Asia and the Age of Imperialism
· · · Learn the physical and political features of Asia
Explain the course of European imperialism in India, China and Japan
Demonstrate an appreciation of Asian culture
African and the Age of Imperialism
· · · Learn the physical and political features of Africa
Discuss the European "Scramble for colonies in Africa"
Trace the history of the nation of South Africa The First World War
· · Examine the causes, events, and results of World War I
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the events and results of the 1917 Russian Revolution PROJECT(S) ACCEPTABLE FOR GRADUATION PROJECT
· · · Industrial Revolution / Invention Research Project
African Roads Project
Meeting of the Minds Project