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February 12, 13 B.C.E
A look in the life of Cleopatra
By: Jillian Golubow
“ My name is Jillian Golubow and
When Cleopatra was 14 years
old, her father took control of Egypt
today we will look back in history to a
courageous, intelligent, clever and a
charming women named Cleopatra.
She was one of the most famous
women of history. She was very rich
and spoke fluent
Egyptian. She was
born in 69 B.C.E to her
dad, Ptolemy XII Noes
Dionysus (Auleyes).
Her mother was a
mystery because,
many people thought it was different
and became its leader. Her father was
weak and bribed the people of Egypt
to trust him. Her father died at the age
of 51. Before her father died, he
named his daughter and
son combined rulers of
Egypt. He married her
brother within a year.
The kids had
three people as advisors
to help them rule and
handle the power. One
was Prothinus, the court eunuch;
women. Cleopatra did have a little
brother who was 7 years younger
than her named, Ptolemy.
Theodolltus, a Greek from Chios who
was Ptolemy’s tutor; and Archillas,
who commanded the army in
Cleopatra became allies with
the Romans. In 48 B.C.E She met Julius
Ceasar. She would sneak out to meet
him in many places. They became
lovers and Cleopatra became pregnant
with his child, name Ptolemy Caesar.
Cleopatra married her younger
brother who was 12 and Caesar went
back to Rome and lived quietly while
she had all the power. On August
10,30 B.C.E, she killed herself by
poison because by then she was faced
by paraded as a captive by Octavian’s
triumph. To learn more about
Cleopatra go to our website and click
her name to get the link. Thanks for
watching. I’m Jillian Golubow, see you
next time!”
Source: Lightman, Marjorie and ,
Lightman Benjamin. Ancient Greek
and Roman Women.