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Abraham founded
Judaism when he promised his God
to leave his homeland full of idol
worshippers to start a new life in “the
promised land”
Date founded
• Judaism, one of the oldest monotheistic
religions in the world, was founded some
3500 years ago somewhere in the middle east
Basic beliefs
• They state their basic beliefs in 13 principles
stated by Rambam
• Judaism is a monotheistic religion, meaning
they only believe in one God
• Yahweh or YHVH
Concepts of Afterlife
• Olam haBa( afterlife) which means
the “coming world”
Religious or other Texts
The Septuagint
Geographic area
Number of Believers Today
There are approximately 14 212 800 Jewish people in he world. 43 percent of these people live in the
Israel (6 103 200), a close 40 percent live in the United States (5 700 000), and small amounts live in
European countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. There are few in Canada, Mexico,
Russia, Argentina, and Brazil as well.
Interactions with Politics
Middle Ages: 500 years ago, there were a lot of differences between state and
religion. Judaism an exception to this norm. During the Middle Ages, a Jewish
government called the Qahal existed. This was a government that used Jewish
principles and ideologies to rule over the primarily Jewish population. After the
Jewish Emancipation, mostly in the 19th century, he Qahal was banned and he
Jewish religion remained as just a religion.