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Making Consumer
Health consumer – anyone who
purchases or uses health products or
Influences on your Decisions
Internal factors – habit and personal taste
External factors – opinions of family member
and friends and cost
Media – the various methods of communicating
Media and Advertising
Advertising – a message designed make people
want to buy a product
Hidden messages
Bandwagon – everyone is using it – you should too
 Rich and famous – it will make you feel rich and famous
 Free gifts – it’s too good a deal to pass up
 Great outdoors – if it’s associated with nature, it must
be healthy
 Good times – the product will add fun to your life
 Testimonial – it worked for them, so it will work for
you, too
Comparing Choices
Comparison shopping – a method of judging the benefits
of different products by comparing several factors, such as
quality, features, and cost
Criteria to consider as you evaluate products
Warranty – a company’s or a store’s written agreement to repair a
product or refund your money should the product not function
Underwriters laboratory (UL) – a product-safety testing and
certification organization
Snell and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) –
monitor safety standards on protective equipment
Product Labels
Use to compare two similar products
Important information
Name and intended use
 Directions for use
 Precautions and warnings
 Manufacturer’s information
 Amount in the container
 Active ingredient
Your rights as a consumer
The right to safety
The right to choose
The right to be informed
The right to be heard
The right to have problems
The right to consumer
Online shopping
Using the Internet to buy products and services
Sometimes offer lower prices
 Remember you have to pay for shipping
Product information
Delivered to your home
Only look at a picture and description, can’t try it on
Be safe
Secure site
 Check return policy
 Write down or save confirmation numbers
Choosing Community
Health Services
Health care system – all the medical care
available to a nation’s people, the way they
receive care, and the method of payment
Types of Health Services
General care
Primary care physician – medical doctors who
provide physical checkups and general care
Specialized care
Specialists – medical doctors trained to handle
particular kinds of patients conditions
Preventative care – actions that prevent the onset
of disease or injury
You and Your Health Care
Good doctor/patient relationship is critical
Open communication and sense of trust
 Awareness of your own medical history
Complete and comprehensive information about your
immunizations and any health problems you have had to date
Patient skills
Make a list of why you are going to see the
Ask questions about any diagnoses, medications
or procedures that you are not sure of
Inform the staff of any allergies you have and
any medications you are taking