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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Act V, by William Shakespeare
Reading: Compare and Contrast Characters in
Shakespearean Drama
In his plays, Shakespeare often emphasizes the important qualities of one character
by presenting another character with contrasting qualities. When reading Shakespearean
drama, you can gain understanding by comparing and contrasting characters. Look for
similarities and differences in the characters’ personalities, situations, behavior, and
attitudes. Pay special attention to how they respond differently to similar situations or
DIRECTIONS: On the following chart, describe the different character traits that Brutus
and Cassius reveal in Acts I–V of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.
Feelings toward Caesar in
Acts I and II
Feelings toward Antony in
Acts II and III
Attitudes toward corruption
and bribery in Act IV
Reaction to criticism and
personal loss in Act IV
Reason for death/Manner of
death/Dying Words/Aftermath of death (Act V)
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