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Good Evening and Shabbat Shalom
I was not brought up in a strict religious home. I was never
christened nor baptized in the church. My mother was raised Baptist
and my father Episcopal and both are very open minded about
religion to this day. As a child, my mother and I attended the
Methodist church and I have attended Catholic, Baptist, Church of
Christ and Church of God services, but never felt a true connection to
any of them. I always had many questions regarding religion, but
didn’t ask for fear of judgment. I did not know a lot about the
Jewish faith beyond a few traditions and holidays.
Jumping forward to 2006, I’m on a plane coming home from a
business trip in Arkansas where I met the man I would marry, Rob,
who by coincidence was also there on business. I transferred to my
company’s New York City office, moved to Connecticut where he was
living and we were married in 2008. When I found out he was
Jewish, I had many questions and found myself wanting to learn
more in detail. It never mattered to my family that he is Jewish and
I am thankful every day I met him and was introduced to Judaism.
Last August we discussed attending Temple. He was bar mitzvah’d
Orthodox, but suggested that Reform would be a better fit for us. We
met with Nancy Richardson, toured the Temple and discussed
Temple life. We left that day with the feeling that this was the
Temple we should attend and felt no need to go to any others. We
attended services for about 6 weeks and joined The Temple before
the High Holidays that same year.
That began my journey into Judaism, attending services, Torah
studies and conversion classes. The more I learned, the more I
wanted to learn and felt a connection to Judaism that I’ve never felt
with any other faith. I love everything about Judaism especially its
deep history, traditions and the importance of Social Action and
volunteerism among many others. I never have doubted my decision
to become Jewish for one minute and I look forward to my continued
volunteering, studying Torah and learning Hebrew soon. Rob never
asked nor expected me to seek conversion, but he is thrilled that I
am doing this. Since we were not married in a Jewish ceremony, we
plan to celebrate our fifth anniversary next March with a ketubah
I want to thank Rabbi Mackler and Patty Marks for their support and
teachings, the ladies of women’s Torah study for their guidance,
Carol Fradkin for her leadership and mentoring with the Social Action
Committee, the Temple congregation for being so welcoming, my
husband Rob for his encouragement and especially my mom for
raising me to be open-minded about everything, especially religion.
I am very blessed to have the support of my family and friends and I
am truly honored to become Jewish and be a part of The Temple
family. I’ve worked hard to come to this point and it has been the
most rewarding experience of my life.
Thank you.