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 The meaning of the logo: The number “5” represents the 5 bands or musical performers who are coming together to share their talents and their hearts “for” the One Lord. The music notes represent the fact that it is a musical concert. Date: May 14, 2016 Time: 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Purpose: This concert is designed to meet the following goals: • Showcase local Christian Musical Talent • Serve as a fundraiser for local charities • Provide the community with an evening of uplifting, inspirational, and fun entertainment Process: The concert will include up to 5 musical groups or individual performers that each will have thirty minutes on stage. The musical acts will be scheduled by the planning committee. Participants: Local Christian musicians are invited to submit a recording of their work to the Planning Committee (contact information listed below) for review. Bands, individuals, and duets are eligible and welcome. No more than five (5) musical acts will be selected to perform at the concert. By entering the competition, participating performers agree to be bound by the rules and regulation of the competition. Charity Requirements: Each musical act must identify a local charity to receive their financial contribution through the voting process. Voting Process: Audience members will be given score cards to track their opinions of each performance. At the end of all performances the audience will vote for performance they like best with a monetary donation. Voting donations may be made by cash or check. If paying by check, it should be made out to the charity. If requested, receipts will be mailed out. Two people will count and verify all monies donated before awards are announced. Group Information: Each group should prepare a short biography that can be used for introductions and also to share why they chose their particular charity. Each charity should also prepare a short bio to be used to share what they do and who they serve. Performance Time Frames: Each group will have a total of 30 minutes to get on stage, perform, and exit the stage. Repertoire Requirements: This is a Christian concert. Performers must sing songs from the Christian genre and only Christian genre. Rehearsal requirements: Each group will be scheduled for a sound check in order of performance, times will be announced at a later date. Monetary Awards: All non-­‐profits will receive 100 % of the monies voted towards their performance. Funds raised for the charities will be given to them at the end of the concert. Ticket Sales: This process is still being finalized. The bands and charities will be notified as soon as final decisions are made by the planning committee. Ticket options being considered include online, through churches, through the charities, and at the door. Contact information: Peggy Gutierrez 301-­‐2953 or [email protected]