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Ms. Petrou
Global History 9
Review Sheet: African and Native Americans
1. Why does North Africa have greater relations to the Middle East as opposed to
the rest of Africa?
a. The Sahara acts as a barrier to the rest of Africa.
2. What parts of Africa were conquered first? Last? Why?
a. First: Northern parts; Closer to the Meditterean Sea/world
b. Last; central Africa; topography and climate leads to natural barriers.
3. How did geography hinder Africa’s development?
a. The topography makes it difficult to travel and migrate.
b. Helped in South Africa because it is slightly easier to travel there.
4. What did the trade routes (caravan routes) cause throughout Africa?
a. Cultural diffusion
5. How is Shintoism and Animism similar?
a. Both are religions; believe that nature and animals have spirits.
6. Why did the Bantu Migrations occur?
a. Population in the areas increased, while desertifiation increased—
therefore there is less food and goods for the people and they must move
to survive.
7. What were Mansa Munsa’s effects?
a. Created very wealthy areas; very strict rule; complex cities
8. How are Mali, Ghana and Songhai similar?
a. Advance societies, excellent trade routes, wealthy nations, economies
based on trade, located near the trans-Saharan trade route, trade with other
9. Explain Timbuktu. What goods did they have?
a. Cultural learning center of the world at that time; Salt and gold
10. What religions were the Africans?
a. Animism, Muslims and Christians.
11. Why did the Aztec empire fall?
a. Conquered by Cortes (Spanish conquistadors)
12. How are the Native American Civilizations similar?
a. Excellent arts and architecture; created complex cities; adapted to their
13. List some of the Native American Achievements? (Maya, Inca, Aztec)
a. Maya: created calendar; math system; method of zero;
b. Aztec: Road system; calendar system; Created the complex city of
Tenochtitlan; floating gardens;
c. Inca: architecture; Intricate road system; math; terrace farming; Created
Machu Pichu;
14. What happened as a result of European contact with the Native Americans?
a. Natives were exposed and killed by European diseases; Europeans had
guns, thus conquering the natives was easy;