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Additional Uses of Blue Light Technology
The most popular use of blue light therapy today is for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory
acne on the face and body. Blue light kills acne bacteria quickly, naturally, and without side effects. Regular
treatments at home with blue light Sapphire will treat your existing acne, both on the face and body, and
help prevent future breakouts.
Blue light also kills the bacteria that causes unsightly hospital staph infections, including the antibiotic
resistant strains. The light is on a very high frequency wavelength, so it is great for anti-bacterial purposes.
In fact, blue light can be used as first aid all over the body. It would be a good idea to have a blue light
therapy product around the house to disinfect everyday cuts, scrapes, bites and burns for your whole
family. About two minutes of exposure to blue light should be enough to prevent an infection anywhere
on the body. Best of all, it is completely painless, unlike alcohol or hydrogen peroxide disinfectants.
Blue light therapy may also assist with sleep disorders and your body's internal circadian rhythm. Ideally,
getting outside in the broad daylight for 20 minutes in the mornings is best. If that’s not possible, then
using blue light therapy Sapphire treatments may have similar effects. Additionally, the light may positively
affect mood and alleviate depression.
Common skin conditions which may appear anywhere on the body such as scars and pigmentation may
also be treated with blue light therapy. Since the light penetrates 400 to 495 nm through the dermis and
epidermis, healing cells, antibodies, and collagen are stimulated to naturally heal and improve scars and
pigmentation from the inside out. Essentially the blue light encourages the body's own natural healing
response in a faster, more powerful way. Once again, a huge benefit of this is no side effects. As a result,
pores all over the body are also minimized which helps them to stay clean, clear, healthy, and bacteria free.
Sapphire and Perfectio should be used together because they reach different levels of penetration in the
skin. Blue light ranges from 400 to 495 nm and red light 600 to 700 nm. As you can see, to get a complete
and comprehensive skin care treatment for your face and body, you should absolutely use the Sapphire
and Perfectio together to maximize benefits. The Sapphire will keep your skin clean and free of acne
bacteria, and the Perfectio will improve your skin's appearance, tone, and elasticity.