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Exercise description: Ballerina-One leg standing – Toe Touch
Advanced Level
This exercise can be used from 5 to 40 weeks.
When you first start off with this exercise only lower yourself down to the point where you have control over
your hips and you can maintain good knee alignment. You do not want to fall out onto your support hip or have
your support knee rotate inwards (medial rotation).
Start by standing on one leg, your hip bones is level - put your hands on your hips to start with it will help your
Lower your upper body towards the ground, keeping your shoulders back and chest up. Lower down to 70
even 90 degrees if you can maintain good knee and hip position.
Think about relaxing your foot, engaging your glute muscles and maintaining good posture.
If you feel slightly off balance at first this is normal, just don’t lower yourself as far. Balance yourself 1st standing on one leg if you haven’t been following my pregnancy programs so far.
Note: You should not feel this exercise in your lower back nor should you feel yourself tensing your calf
Benefits: This exercise is great for strengthening your hip stabilizers, reducing back and knee pain. It also
strengthens the ligaments in your ankle joint that can weaken due to pregnancy hormones, increases your
balance and improves your pregnancy kinaesthetic awareness. This is just an awesome pregnancy exercise!
Perform 6-8 reps or 10 if you have exercised with me since the start and do 2-3 sets of this exercise
Muscles used: Core Muscle group:- Lower transverse abdominals/ Internal and external oblique’s/ Gluteus Medius/ Gluteus Maximus/ Adductors/ Vastus medialis