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Strategy: Learn from word roots
Most SAT words are derived from either Latin or Greek. Learning just a few word roots allows you
to figure out the meanings of many unfamiliar words.
Activity: Greek lesson
Each word below can be broken into two Greek parts. Decode the meaning of these words using
the key at the bottom, then write their definitions. Be flexible with your definitions, because
sometimes the definitions of words do not match up exactly with their Latin parts. Once you have
memorized a word, check off its box
□ Amorphous________________
□ Misogyny__________________
□ Apathetic__________________
□ Monogamy_________________
□ Autocracy_________________
□ Philanthropy ________________
□ Bigamy___________________
□ Philosophy_________________
□ Cacophony________________
□ Polygamy__________________
□ Democracy________________
□ Polymorphic________________
□ Eulogy____________________
□ Psychology_________________
□ Euphony__________________
□ Sophomore_________________
□ Misandry__________________
□ Sympathetic________________
□ Misanthropy_______________
□ Synchronize_________________
No, none- a, an
Andry- of men
Anthropy- of people
Chronize- to time
Bad- caco
Cracy- rule by
The people- demo
Gamy- marriage
Good- eu
Gyny- of women
Hatred- mis, miso
Logy- speech
One- mono
Morphic, morphous- shape
Love- phil, philo
Ology- the study of
Many- poly
Omore- fool
Mind- psych
Pathetic- feeling
Wise- soph
Together- syn, sym
Sophy- of wisdom