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Reading Guide: Tools and Procedures
1. Why do scientists need a common system of measurement?
2. Which system is used by most scientists when collecting data and performing experiments?
3. How are these units scaled?
4. What is the abbreviation for the International System of Units?
5. For which four common measurements is this system used?
6. Scientists want to find out whether certain factors ___________________ or _______________
____________ ________________ when they collect data.
7. A _____________________ is the best way to recognize and understand patterns in data.
8. List two of the many uses of computers in scientific analysis.
9. What are “microscopes”?
10. List the two kinds of microscopes and describe each with a couple of complete sentences.
11. A “cell culture” is a _____________ _____ __________ developed from a _____________ cell.
Identify the three uses of cell cultures.
12. In the process of cell fractionation, an instrument called a ______________________ separates
the cell parts. What does it do to accomplish this?_____________________________________
Label the most dense and least dense regions of the cell parts in the tube in the picture below.
13. What is the most important rule for your safety?
14. After scientific activities, you should thoroughly _____________
_____________ _______________.