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Math 503: Cryptography
Fall 2016
Worksheet §1
Due: Tuesday, September 6
(a) A byte is 8 bits and a kilobyte is 210 bytes. How many bits are in a
kilobyte? Write your answer as 2 to some power.
(b) A megabyte is 210 kilobytes. How many bits are there in 4 megabytes?
2. Do the following by hand.
(a) Convert 27 into binary.
(b) Convert 101110 from binary into decimal.
(a) If we multiply a number by 4, what happens to the binary representation of the number?
(b) If we divide by 4, dropping any remainder, what happens to the
binary representation?
4. Compute the following:
(a) 110100 ⊕ 100111
(b) 10110 ⊕ 1001101
5. Do the Python Tutorial exercise 8.
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