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Alternative Marketing
Alternative Marketing Programs
 Buzz Marketing
 Methods of creating a buzz
Consumers who like a brand
 Sponsored consumers
 Tactics may include stealth marketing
 Guerrilla Marketing
 Focus is usually on a specific region
 Goal is to create excitement about a product or service
 Instant results with unique low-cost approaches
Alternative Marketing Programs
 Product Placement
 Low cost per viewer in most mediums
 Branded Entertainment – embedding brands as part of
storylines in some sort of entertainment (Movies, TV
programs, etc.).
 Lifestyle Marketing
 Associated with consumers hobbies and interests
 Can be considered an off shoot of event marketing
 Experiential Marketing
Direct marketing + Field Marketing + Sales Promotions
Experiential Marketing
Steps to create positive experience
Clear, concise target segment
2. Identify right time, right place
Engage emotionally
Engage logically
3. Clearly reveal brand’s promise
Discussion Questions
 Question 3, page 278
 Question 4, page 278
Alternative Media Venues
o Cinema
o In-tunnel, subway
o Parking lot/street
o Escalator
o Airline in-flight
o Leaflets and brochures
o Carry home menus
o Carry home bags
o Clothing
o Mall signs
o Kiosks
Traditional Media using a different approach
What’s Happening?
 Assignments and class schedule
Alternative Media
In-Store Marketing
 70% of purchase decisions made in store
 In-store atmospherics
 Sight, sound, and scent
 Video screens and television monitors
Customize messages, e.g., Wal-Mart with
127 million shoppers per week
Point-of-Purchase Displays
An extension of in-store displays
Location is key
Last chance to reach buyer
• 70% of decisions are made in store
• 50% of money spent at mass-merchandisers and
supermarkets is unplanned
• 50% of Coca-Cola products from displays
• Average increase in sales is 9%
• Half of POP displays not effective
• Half that are effective – 20% increase in sales
Video Game Advertising
 $1 billion per year spent on in-game ads
 Very attractive market
 75% of online households spend at least 1 hour
per month playing online games
 27% average 30 hours or more
 Primary market is 17-34 year old males
Have become difficult to reach
Play shooting games
Fastest growing market is females
Now 40% of market
Play puzzle and cerebral games
F I G U R E 10 . 9
Types of Video Game Advertising
In-game advertisements
Rotating in-game advertising
Interactive ads
Game-related Web sites
Sponsored downloads
Brand Communities
 Ultimate demonstration of brand loyalty and devotion
 Usually some kind of symbolic meaning to the customer
 Interactions between the brand and consumers, as well as
shared values and experiences between consumers
 Cannot be created by brands itself
 Marketing enhances the “community experience”
 Examples of brand communities include:
Harley Davidson
F I G U R E 10 . 12
Reasons Brand Communities Form
Affirmation of the buying decision.
Social identity and bond.
Swap stories.
Swap advice and provide help to others.
Feedback and new ideas.