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Verb Tense
I can identify the tense of a
I can use different tenses.
I can use resources to help me
create different tenses of verbs.
Tense: indicates when it happened
Present: happening now
The bird sings.
Past: already happened
The bird sang.
Future: will happen; uses will or shall
The bird will sing.
Present Perfect: has/have + past participle
The bird has sung.
Past Perfect: had + past participle
The bird had sung.
Future Perfect: will have + past participle
The bird will have sung.
Present Progressive: is/am/are + -ing verb
The bird is singing.
Past Progressive: was/were + -ing verb
The bird was singing.
Future Progressive: will be + -ing verb
The bird will be singing.
Present Perfect Progressive:
has/have + been + -ing verb
The bird has been singing.
Past Perfect Progressive:
had been + -ing verb
The bird had been singing.
Future Perfect Progressive:
will have been + -ing verb
The bird will have been singing.
Verb Tense Consistency
Do not change needless from one tense to
We sat on the porch and gaze at the stars.
sat = past; gaze = present
We sat on the porch and gazed at the stars.
sat and gazed = past