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6. In “The Pardoner’s Tale” the three rioters are sure that they can destroy Death, and yet
they fail to see that they are falling into his trap. This is an example of
A. irony
B. heroism
C. hedonism
D. flattery
7. What becomes clearer when rereading the following passage from “The Pardoner’s Tale”?
. . . if it be your design / To find out Death, turn up this crooked way / Towards that grove,
I left him there today / Under a tree, and there you'll find him waiting.
There is a hooded figure near the grove awaiting the three rioters.
The plague will get the three rioters because there is a graveyard near the grove.
The man is directing the three rioters toward their own deaths.
The three rioters will be victorious over Death because they are not afraid of him.
8. The moral of “The Pardoner’s Tale” is
A. Friends should never be trusted.
B. Greed is the source of evil.
C. A promise is a promise.
D. Old men are unreliable.
9. Which of the following best describes the three rioters in “The Pardoner’s Tale”?
A. prating, kindly, old
B. hoary, arrogant, insincere
C. earnest, brave, handsome
D. prating, arrogant, greedy
10. For what reason does the Pardoner usually tell “The Pardoner’s Tale”?
A. He is convinced that greed is evil and has himself given all his money away to the
B. He uses it as an exemplum in a sermon designed to get listeners to part with their
C. He is a poor man who tells the story in storytelling contests in the hopes of earning
enough money to pay for his travels.
D. all of the above
11. How do two of the rioters decide to increase their share of the gold?
A. poison the other rioter upon his return
B. stab the other rioter upon his return
C. turn the third rioter in to the priest
D. find the original owner of the gold and rob him for more
12. Who is the real traitor in “The Pardoner’s Tale”?
A. the three rioters
B. Death
C. the old man
D. the plague
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