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Master’s Degree Programme in
Mechanical Engineering
Prof Gary Marquis
Programme Leader
Programme structure
Total 120 credits
Module A
20 credits
Module B
20 credits
Module C
20 credits
Free electives
20 credits
Scientific methods
10 credits
Diploma project
(related to Module A, B or C)
30 credits
Sample study plan (1 of 10)
Module A = Product Development
Module B = Mechanics of Materials
Module C = Digital Design and Manufacturing
Scientific methods
Free elective
Year 1
Year 2
Kon-41.4002 Product Development Project I (5 cr)
Kul-49.3400 Dynamics of Structures (5 cr)
Kul-49.4350 Fatigue of structures (5 cr)
Kon-41.4xxx CAD (Basics of Computer Aided Design) (5 cr)
Scientific methods (5 cr)
Free elective (5 cr)
Kon-41.4002 Product Development Project II (5 cr)
Kon-41.4xxx CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) (3 cr)
Kon-67.4xxx Welding Methods and Production (4 cr)
Kon-41.XXXX System Engineering (5 cr)
Scientific methods (5 cr)
Free elective (8 cr)
Kon-15.4xxx Digital Manufacturing (4 cr)
Kon-80.4xxx Castings (4 cr)
Kon-41.4001 Product Development (5cr)
Kul-49.4100 Finite Element Method II (5 cr)
Kul-49.4500 Continuum mechanics and Material Modelling (5 cr)
Free elective (8 cr)
Thesis (30 cr)
Sample study plan
2-5 September 2011 Course selection and registration
(Select three of the five available modules)
5 September instruction begins
January 2012 select one Module as major
May 2012 presentations of MS thesis topics for each module.
January-May 2013 is reserved for the MS thesis project, but work can be
begun at any time once the topic and scope is agreed with a professor.
Expected graduation June 2013
Scientific methods courses
Scientific Method Studies (10 credits)
Mat-1.2630 First course in Statistics and Probability (6 cr)
T-61.3050 Machine Learning: Basic Principles (5 cr)
T-61.5010 Information Visualization (5 cr)
T-76.5050 Methods for Software Engineering Research (3-5 cr)
TU-0.2000 Industrial Management Research Methods (5 cr)
Kie-98.1111 Talking Technology (2 cr)
Kie-98.1320 Writing for Master´s student (3 cr)
Kie-98.1405 Intercultural Communication (2 cr)
Kie-98.1113 Making your Point (2 cr)
Free elective courses (20 credits)
Any course taught at Aalto University
Key Persons
Gary Marquis
Programme Leader, academic counselling
Börje Helenius
University administration: registration, transcripts,
university procedures, etc.
Guidance on practical issues: visas, work permits,
housing, etc.
Sanna Heikkinen
All issues related to scholarships and tuition
Student tutors
Practical information on student life at Aalto
Module leaders
Specific guidance concerning modules, courses,
types of MS theses and work places
Module tutors
Student advice on modules, courses, types of MS
theses and work places
Module Leaders
Module leader
Product Development
Prof Kalevi Ekman
Prof Eric Coatanéa
Mechanics of Materials
Prof Gary Marquis
Prof Hannu Hänninen
Digital Design and
Prof Kalevi Aaltonen
Sampsa Laakso
Kaur Jaakma
Prof Petri Kuosmanen
Prof Jari Juhanko
Innovative Structural
Prof Pentti Kujala
Prof Olli Saarela
Module tutor
Eeva Mikkola
Industrial Excursions
Approximately once per semester the programme will arrange excursions to
visit leading Finnish mechanical engineering industries. These are optional but
they will give students the opportunity become aquainted with international
leading companies.
For example:
STX Europe (design and build passenger ferries)
Ruukki (steel and engineering products)
Wärtsilä (Large diesel motors for ships and power plants)
ABB (Ship propulsion systems and generators)