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1. Please see and do more review chapter 7
2. Simplify:
• (a2b3)-1 (a-4b2)-3
• (a3b-2)2 (a-1b)3
• (0.000000212 * 3230000) / ( 0.000322) use scientific notation
• (0.000000212 * 3230000) + ( 0.000322* 2320000) use scientific notation
3. How many five-digit even numbers are there in our system of counting numbers?
4. How many possible ways to mark your answer sheet (with an answer for each question) for a twenty two
question multiple-choice test with three answer choices for each question?
5. Find the number of distinguishable arrangements of the letters of each word.
6. My office phone number is 7037645027. How many phone number, altogether , could be formed with the
same digits if the first digit must be “6”?
7. If any three points determine a triangle, how many triangles are determined by 27 points on a circle?
8. A contractor builds homes of 12 different models and currently has only 9 lots to build it on. How many
ways can he arrange homes on these lots? (assume all homes built are different models).
9. In NVCC human resource filing system, each employee has a employee ID describe as:
a. The first part of 3 letters.
b. The second part 4-digit numbers.
c. The third part of 4 letters.
d. The fourth part of 2-digit numbers.
Each parts required an arrangement without repetitions. How many such employee ID are possible if we combine
all parts together ?
10. How many people possible in the room to have 66 handshakes (if everyone shake hand with each other
only once)? Hint: the reverse problem
11. Given 45 people in a class, 3 people wear glasses. How many way to choose a group of 5 people that at
least one of the person in a group wears glasses?
12. How many paths are possible from A to B if all motion must be to the right or downward?