Download Added-Tone Sonorities in the Choral Music of Eric Whitacre

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Figure 36: With a Lily in your Hand, measures 49-58
The move from F-sharp minor to F-sharp major was effected by a change of key
signature at measure 50. The F#(2,5,9)/0 sonority contained all the pitches of the new
key except for some form of E. In measure 52 the upper voices recede back into an Fsharp major triad, after which the soprano leaps up to an E# for a moment, introducing
the remainder of the collection. In measure 53 the choir restates the F#(2,5,9)/0 sonority.
Rather than receding back into the F-sharp major triad this time, however, the upper
voices drop out completely. The lower voices continue to state the F-sharp major triad;