Download Added-Tone Sonorities in the Choral Music of Eric Whitacre

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clearly wanted the final chord to be in second inversion. The final bass note is quite high
in the bass register; Whitacre had the option of moving the bass note down a fifth, or
even a twelfth, to a tonic pitch. That Whitacre left the bass on the B-flat is, therefore, a
clear indication of his preference.
Water Night
Figure 29: Water Night, measures 53-59
The final phrase of this piece (Figure 29) begins by quoting the opening of the
piece. Measure 53 begins with a B-flat minor triad in the same chord structure as in
measure 1; the voices move upward as at the beginning, while the bass continues to hold
the B-flat. At measure 56 the bass jumps down to the lower B-flat, forming a B-flat
minor triad with the upper voices. This chord moves through a Gb(2)/0 to an Eb(2,t)/0
chord before resolving to a pure B-flat minor triad once again to finish the piece. The
final progression is once again analogous to a plagal cadence with traditional bass