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Rome - Chapter 5
Section 2, From Republic to Empire (152-159)
SWBAT: defend their choice of republic or empire.
Terms to know: dictator, Augustus, imperator, legionnaire, praetorian guard
Dates to know: 60 BC, 45 BC, 44 BC, 27 BC-AD 180, 212 AD
1) What was the problem with the small farmers in Rome? (152)
2) What did the Gracchus brothers want? (152)
3) How did the Senate respond to the ideas of the Gracchus brothers? (152)
4) How did General Marius change the army? How did this affect future generals? (153)
5) What did Sulla want his legacy to be? What did it turn out to be? (154)
6) Who was in the First Triumvirate? Where was each man stationed? (154)
7) Why did Caesar have to “cross the Rubicon”? (154)
8) What four reforms did Caesar make as dictator? (154)
9) Why was Caesar assassinated? (154)
10) Who were the people in the Second Triumvirate? (155)
11) What happened between Octavian and Antony? (155)
12) What did they call the period from 31-14 BC? (155)
13) What two titles did Octavian get, and what did they mean? (156)
14) Who could be a legionnaire? (156)
15) Who did the praetorian guard protect? (156)
16) Under Augustus, what was the new system for governing provinces? (156)
17) Though he conquered many new lands, what was the one area August could not tame?
18) How were an emperor’s successors selected now? (156)
19) Who were the first four emperors after Augustus? (156)
20) Give me an example of Nero’s corrupt ways. (157)
21) What was a major flaw in the new empire? (157)
22) Who were the five good emperors and what did they start? (157)
23) What seven things did these good emperors do? (157)
24) Looking at the map on page 158, how did the trade routes help to strengthen the empire?
25) The Roman Empire grew to about 3.5 million square miles. What issue did this present?
26) What did Roman cities help to spread? (159)
27) What areas did the Romans trade with? (159)
28) Describe Roman society. (159)