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Barbourville Rainbow Center
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Other hours by appointment
(606) 546-3338
NO. 2
November 2013
School Program.
This has begun at
Barbourville School by bringing curriculum
that educates children on the value of our local
farms. Through the curriculum, students can
explore the connections between humans,
animals, and plants. Another effort is the
Healthy To Go stands by the check-out areas in
stores to encourage people to buy fresh
produce. These types of purchases can help
reduce our high rate of obesity, heart disease,
and diabetes.
Oral Health is another area of concern as it
effects the overall health of individuals, and
Kentucky has one of the highest rates of tooth
loss in the United States. Education and
distribution of oral hygiene products has been
an ongoing effort. Kids First Dental serves our
students if parents fill in a form distributed at
the beginning of the school year. If you would
like your child to have a free screening and
cleaning, let the Rainbow Center know.
If you are interested in all these efforts and
more happening for a healthier Knox County,
meetings are open to the public and are held at
10 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month.
Contact the Rainbow Center or Belinda
Prichard at the Health Dept. for exact location
or to be placed on the e-mail list.
Starting the Day Right
Breakfast is an important part of anyone’s
day, especially growing children. Our school
offers the USDA School Nutrition Program
with breakfasts for K-5th grades 7:15-7:45 a.m.,
preschool breakfast is 8:00-8:30 a.m., and 6th8th grades 8:55-9:10 and 9th-12th grades 9:129:27 a.m. Menus are on the school’s website
Falling Into Good Health?
Not Really! It is more likely one falls into
bad health habits, such as staying up too late
playing video games, grabbing a soft drink
instead of water, sitting around watching t.v.
instead of getting outdoors and walking or
playing an active game, eating food high in fats
and sodium instead of fresh fruits and
vegetables or other healthy alternatives.
It’s One Step At A Time!!
This year, our community is doing even
more to promote healthier lifestyles for all.
The Knox County Health Coalition is doing an
extensive assessment to target and overcome
the main obstacles to good health. The Stivers
Wellness Center is offering many group
programs as well as individual workout
opportunities, and they have a sliding fee scale
as well. The Sandy Bottoms Hike and Bike
Trail is being improved on a regular basis. The
Brickyard Ponds City Park is installing a
bicycle pump park for young and old to
experience an easy but fun form of recreation.
The Thompson Park hosts many activities to
encourage use of the fitness equipment and
enjoying the great outdoors.
Spread the Health Appalachia has come to
Knox County to see how lives can be
transformed through good healthy lifestyle
changes. One of their initiatives is the Farm To
Reading 20 minutes every night is required
of all 1st-5th graders. If your child does not
bring home a Read & Respond form, just sign
a note with the date and a response to a
Summarizing is a key focus of reading, in
which readers are able to retell what they have
read, and for WINGS Readers, written by
them on their form. Fluency practice involves
reading with the tone and inflections as when
Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians can
support their child’s education by joining a
group of interested parents and teachers in
providing more educational experiences,
supporting and appreciating teachers, and
creating a forum for school issues. Meetings
are held each month on the first Thursday at
3:15 p.m. in the high school library.
Membership is $1. Refreshments and child
care are provided to those attending.
BoxTops4Education is a program that
helps raise over a $1,000 for our school each
There are contests regularly to
encourage students to collect BoxTops from
hundreds of products and bring to school for
redemption. Collection sheets are distributed
by teachers or can be printed on line at
BoxTops4Education website.
Monthly fundraisers are held to provide
funding that brings in the Arts and Humanities
to our students in all grades. SPIRIT cards will
be available starting in November with an
expiration date of December 2014.
November’s fundraiser will be to sell
Kentucky Chocolate in three flavors at the
Winter Festival. Amy Mills will be selling
hair bows with a Barbourville Tiger theme for
PTO profit, too.
This year’s Officers are:
Billie Mitchell, President
Lori Miracle, Vice President
Robin Jones, Secretary
Anne Pedersen, Treasurer
Child Development: Emotional Health
School readiness and success in life depend
on good health in all areas. Physicals,
immunizations, eye and dental exams are
required, but emotional assessment is not
mandated. Sometimes it is only realized when
the child reaches the classroom and has a
failure to regulate their behavior.
components of emotional health according to
the National Scientific Council on the
Developing Child (2004) are:
1. Acknowledging one’s own feelings
2. Accurately reading others’ feelings
3. Having empathy for others
4. Creating and maintaining relationships
5. Expressing strong feelings safely, and
6. Regulating one’s own behavior.
Here are some good resources to help
children develop their emotional health:
The Feelings Book by Parr
Cool Bananas CD by Genevieve Jereb (helps
slow down heart rate so child can relax and
ease into sleep) (Early Childhood Mental
Health Consultation) (Center on the
Social Emotional Foundations for Early
the zone site at
The Reason I Jump Introduced by David
Mitchell (a true story of autism)
The Rainbow Center Distribution Center
and Clothing Closet is open on Fridays from
1:30-3 p.m. On Saturday, November 9th, from
9 a.m. to noon, the annual Clothing Drive with
free clothing, household items, books and toys
will be held. Cleaning out a closet? Consider
making a tax-exempt donation by Friday,
November 8th. The Clothing Drive is held in
the school cafeteria, with set up done on
Friday after school.
FCCLA is a leadership-building, learning
opportunity, and service-oriented program
sponsored by Mrs. Bolinger. This year 7th12th graders are invited to become members.
Dues are $14, and need to be turned in by
November 4th. They will be doing a Christmas
Service project. Individuals are encouraged to
begin their Power Of One in November.
5 p.m. - Hot dogs, chips and soft drink for $5
6 p.m. - Admission $5
All sports groups will be recognized and
Boys & Girls Varsity basketball games begin
in December.
First Priority now meets separately with
middle school and high school. The middle
schoolers meet Wednesday at lunch in the Old
Gym. High school students meet Thursdays at
lunch in Mrs. Bolinger’s Room.
Juniors: Class of 2015 is sponsoring an
Elementary Dance on November 15th for
grades K-5 from 3-4:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.
Tickets are $3 and are prepaid only. RADA
Cutlery sales end November 1st. Pampered
Chef sales end November 8th.
BHS Service Club has been active this year
with service to the community and our school.
Currently, they are sponsoring a Food Drive,
that will end November 13th and a Community
ACT Testing is set for December 14th and
February 8th. Registration deadlines are
November 8th and January 10th, respectively.
Our school is providing a free, online ACT
prep program (Method Test Prep) for any
student in grades 6-12. Students on free or
reduced lunch qualify for two fee waivers.
See Mrs. Hubbs for more information.
Sixth Grade Showcase Competition is
December 3rd and December 7th.
Reading and Math tutoring for 6th-12th
grades will be offered after school on Tuesday
and Thursdays from 3:15-4:15 p.m. Contact
the principal about this.
Computer lab study sessions are available
upon request. Permission from parents is
required. Transportation will not be provided.
Mrs. Robin Rosenstiel Jones has forms for
Union College Timeless Tales is offered
High School Governor’s Cup District
Competitions will be January 21st & 25th.
Regional Competitions will be February 11th
& 15th.
Middle School Academic Games begin in
November. Middle School Governor’s Cup
Competitions will be January 14th & 18th.
Regional Competitions will be January 28th &
February 1st.