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Post lab Questions Answers
1) The independent variable was the CENTRIPETAL FORCE (number of washers)…We
changed the force by changing the number of washers on the string.
2) The dependent variable was the VELOCITY (how fast the stopper was traveling)…we
calculated the velocity by taking the circumference/period.
3) Fc = (0.7 N/(m/s)2) v2 + 0 N………….your slope and y-int numbers will be different but the
equation format will be the same.
4) The meaning of the slope is the mass/radius (from the units below)
5) The meaning of the y-int is the initial Force (F0)
6) Fc = (mass/radius)(Velocity2) + F0
7) The relationship between the Centripetal Force and Velocity is an exponential
relationship since we had to square the velocity to straighten out the graph