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Lightspeed Rocket Filter - Updates and Recent News
March 18th, 2016
The current version of the Rocket Filter is: 2.10.4 (Installed November 21, 2015)
You Tube. District YouTube stats as of March 10, 2016:
Block YouTube
Allow YouTube
Allow Elementary Students/Teachers
Allow High School Students/Teachers
Allow Teachers Only
What do the Cambridge and Newcomerstown Custom Categories contain?
Cambridge Custom Category:
Newcomerstown Custom Category:
When a Custom Category is created, the Root Admin who creates it decides if it is
best to allow it globally or block it. With Cambridge – they are all educational sites,
so it was decided to allow it globally. You can most certainly block this in your Rule
sets as you see fit. The Newcomerstown category is normally categorized under
computers, so it is also set to allow (pass).
The following companies claim to be able to stop VPN activity and botnet activity on
your network with their firewall.
Block proxied requests. Block it! Currently, 20 districts have this un-blocked!
General Settings in the Rocket:
Block proxied requests – Users often attempt to bypass content filters by connecting
to a proxy server, which disguises or encrypts traffic to escape detection. The
Lightspeed Rocket Filter - Updates and Recent News
Lightspeed Systems Web Filter uses advanced proxy detection and traffic analysis to
block known and unknown proxy servers. Select (check) this check box to block
proxy server connections.
From wikipedia:
UltraSurf is a freeware Internet censorship circumvention product created by
UltraReach Internet Corporation. The software enables its users to bypass Internet
censorship and firewalls using an HTTP proxy server, and employs encryption
protocols for privacy.
UltraSurf and the Tor Browser are both easily installed onto a flash (thumb) drive
and can be run on any device that has a USB interface.
Six districts (6) have Peer to Peer open. You are leaving the possibility of end users
downloading copyright-protected material to your district network. What comes with
illegal downloads? Virus/trojans/malware/ransomware. And, a notice from CAS
(Copyright Alert Systems.)
If you are concerned about your staff or students inadvertently downloading
ransomware, read this:
Remember, you can block .js files (and vbs, exe, cmd, scr, tar, rar and many, many
more) with the Filter!
Only 3 districts are using this feature to block file extensions! This is crucial. The
Rocket is giving you a tool to stop the download of errant files to your network.
The Web Activity Report will display the complete URL in the Destination
column for:
Blocked URLs
All searches
All overrides
All HTTP requests
However, if a URL is allowed, only the hostname will be displayed. In addition,
Web Filter caches all visits within 5 minutes by the same user to the allowed
hostname into one. This prevents unnecessary clutter and greatly reduces the size
of the Activity Report. Use the Inspector by IP Address feature if you need more
clarity. Don't forget to remove the IP Address from the Inspector when finished.
A few schools are experiencing issues with botnet activity.
Remember to run anti-malware protection on your network.