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Step 5: Formulate Conclusions
(o) Write a paragraph, as if to a member of your family who has not taken statistics,
summarizing the conclusion that you would draw from this study and your simulation analysis.
Clearly explain to this intelligent but not-statistical family member how you are coming to this
conclusion/the reasoning behind your conclusion.
Step 6: Look back and ahead
(p) Now, let’s step back a bit and think about the scope of our inference. For example: Have we
shown that are equally likely to pick among the four tires? Does it follow that people in general
don’t have a tendency to pick the left front? Are there any improvements you would suggest for
how the data were collected? Suggest a future research study that you would be interested in
investigating based on these results.
Limitations in conclusions? >>
Improvements would make to study? >>
Future research questions? >>
June 27, 2014
MAA PREP workshop
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