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Directions: Choose 3 assignments to do for homework that make a Tic-TacToe. The assignments must be three in a row down, across, or diagonal.
Please circle the activities that you choose and staple them to this paper when
you turn them in on Thursday. Have fun
Silly Sentences
Write each of your 10
words in a silly
sentence. Don’t forget
to the sheet on which
you wrote your
Computer Fun
Making Riddles
Letter Writing
Write a riddle for each
Write a letter to a friend or
of your 10 words. Don’t
relative using your 10
forget to add the
words. Use proper letter
answer to your riddles. format, and underline each
Have someone at home
pattern word.
try a few!
Spelling Math
Think of a creative
Type your 10 words.
activity to do with your Choose five words. Figure
Make each word have a
out how much each word
10 pattern words.
different font. You can Describe it:
is worth. A=1, B=2…Z=26
even add clipart next to __________________ Write the word next to the
In a darkened room, use
a flashlight to draw
letters in the air to write
each of your 10 words.
Parent signature
Tasty Word Work
With a parent’s
permission, spray a
small amount of
whipped cream and
spread it out on a
countertop. Write your
10 words in the
whipped cream with
your finger. Spell them
out loud as you write
Parent Signature
Magazine Words
Use an old magazine or
newspaper and find your
10 words. Cut them out
and glue them on paper. If
you can’t find the word,
find the letters that spell it
and glue those on!