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N210 Required Textbooks
Texts and other instructional materials
A. Required texts
The highlighted materials are sold in a bundle/package in the
Cerritos College Bookstore listed in “Schedules Plus” under:
1. TITLE: Ceritos College & LWW 2011 Nursing Package
PUBLISHER: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; ISBN:9781451130096;
NEW:$200.95 or USED:$150.75
A. Taylor, C., Lillis, C., Lemone, P., & Lynn, P. (2008). Fundamentals of
nursing: The art and science of nursing care (7th ed.). Philadelphia:
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
B. Taylor’s Video Guide to Clinical Nursing Skills Student Set on CD-ROM
C. Chart Smart: A-Z Guide to Better Nursing Documentation. 2nd ed.
Philadelphia: Lippincott, 2006
(Note** If you are purchasing your textbooks from the bookstore, buy the
Ceritos College & LWW 2011 Nursing Package. If purchasing from an
online site, you need to purchase them separately as listed above).
2. Cerritos College Nursing Department Student Handbook
3. Jarvis, Carolyn. Pocket Companion for Physical Examination and Health
Assessment. 6th ed. Philadelphia: Saunders, 2004
4. Mosby’s Medical Nursing and Allied Health Dictionary. 8th ed. St. Louis:
Mosby, 2002
5. Nix, Staci. Williams’ Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy. 13th ed. St. Louis:
Mosby, 2005
6. Pagana, Kathleen and Timothy Pagana. Mosby’s Manual of Diagnostic and
Laboratory Tests. 4th ed. St. Louis: Mosby, 2006
7. Skidmore-Roth, Linda. Mosby’s Drug Guide for Nurses. 9th ed. St. Louis:
Mosby, 2009
B. References
Jarvis, Carolyn. Physical Examination and Health Assessment. 4th ed
Philadelphia: Saunders, 2004
Marieb, Elaine N. Human Anatomy and Physiology. 4th ed. Redwood City:
Cummings, 2004
C. Required materials
Course materials obtained from website
Watch with second hand
Uniform and first year name pin (you may order this from the bookstore now)
Cerritos College Photo Badge (you may obtain this from the ID Center 1 week prior to
beginning of semester)