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Teacher Name : Andrea Stiff
Subject : Music Education
Start Date: 12/15/15
Grade Level (s): 3-6
Building : MMEMS
Unit Title: 3rd- Perform steady beat with unpitched percussion instruments as well as performing a holiday song.
4th- Analyze holiday songs by completing a listening guide.
5th- Analyze a holiday song by completing a listening glyph.
6th- Perform and identify rhythmic patterns.
Essential Questions: 3rd- What is a steady beat? What is a melody?
4th- What instruments do you hear? What tempo do you hear? What dynamic do you hear?
5th- What instruments do you hear? What tempo do you hear? What dynamic do you hear?
6th- What is rhythm?
9.1.3.B: Recognize, know, use and demonstrate a variety of appropriate arts elements and principles to produce, review and revise original
Works in the arts.
9.1.3.C: Recognize and use fundamental vocabulary within each of the arts forms
9.1.3.K: Know and use traditional and contemporary technologies for furthering knowledge and understanding in the humanities.
Summative Unit Assessment :
Summative Assessment Objective
Students will perform a steady beat accompaniment while vocalizing
a melody. Students will review musical terms and complete an
analysis sheet. Students will perform basic rhythmic patterns and
identify familiar holiday words that match various rhythmic patterns..
Assessment Method (check one)
____ Rubric ___ Checklist ____ Unit Test _X___ Group
____ Student Self-Assessment
__X_ Other (explain) Listening guides, Rhythmic worksheets, Aural
Objective (s)
3rd- Students will successfully
perform Jolly Old St. Nicholas.
4th- Students will successfully
analyze a lullaby.
5th- Students will successfully
identify the purpose of a ballet.
6th- Students will successfully
perform rhythmic patterns.
3rd- Students will successfully
perform Jolly Old St. Nicholas
and a steady beat
4th- Students will successfully
hear a lullaby and describe the
musical elements.
5th- Students will successfully
hear a ballet song and fill out a
listening glyph on musical
6th- Students will successfully
identify rhythmic patterns.
Activities / Teaching Strategies
3rd-Student- Will listen to song
Teacher- Demonstrate how it is sung
Student- Echo sing the song
Student- Perform Jolly Old St. Nicholas
4th- Teacher- Introduce composer Johannes
Student- Review what a composer is
Student- Discuss musical elements of a
Student- Listen to a discussion about a
5th-Teacher- Introduce what a ballet is
Student- Discussion on what a ballet is
Student- Observe a live ballet
6th- Student- Discussion on familiar words
Student- Perform familiar rhythmic
Student- Identify rhythmic patterns
3rd- Student- Perform song
Teacher- Divide class into three groups
Teacher- Pass out rhythm instruments
Student- Perform Steady beat with rhythm
Instruments and perform song
Student- Rotate so all student perform
Various instruments.
4th- Teacher- Review a lullaby
Student- Listen to a lullaby
Student- Discuss musical elements
Student- Pass out holiday listening guide
Teacher- Introduce how to fill out guide
Student- Complete guide after listening to
A lullaby
5th- Student- Pass out listening glyph
Teacher- Discuss what musical elements
To be paying attention to
Student- Listen to Nutcracker
Student- Complete listening glyph based on
Musical elements heard
Materials / Resources
Assessment of Objective (s)
Ukulele, white board markers,
pointer, pencils, CD Player,
Kindergarten CD, Lyric Sheet
for Jolly St. Nicholas, document
camera, Music Express; Dec.
2015 Magazine, Music Express
CD, YouTube Access, Winter
Words Syllable sheet
Formative- Teacher
Observation of student
engagement and vocal
Ukulele, white board, white
board marker, document
camera, recording of Lullaby
and Goodnight My Angel,
Music Express; Dec. 2015
Magazine, pencils, holiday
listening guide, Nutcracker
listening glyph, jingle bells,
wood blocks, triangles
Formative- Teacher
observation of student
engagement and vocal
Summative3rd- performing song
6th- perform rhythms
Summative3rd- Students completion of
song and steady beat.
4th- Students completion of
holiday listening guide.
5th- Students completion of
the Nutcracker listening glyph
6th- Students completion of
Winter words syllable sheet
6th- Student- Perform rhythmic patterns
Student- Pass out winter words syllable
Student- Complete winter word syllable
3rd- Students will successfully
identify winter words and the
rhythms they match.
3rd- Teacher- Introduce quarter note and a pair
Of eighth notes
Student- Pass out winter words sheet
Teacher- Perform each word
Student- Echo perform each word
Student- Complete winter word syllable
Ukulele, Document camera,
White board, Markers,
Crayons, Winter Words Syllable