Download Spelling List for October 29 We have begun our first Greek and Latin

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Spelling List for October 29th
We have begun our first Greek and Latin root words unit. Students will be
given 10 words from the root words lists. They will be given all red words.
Students will be given a dictation sentence containing a simile which they must
identify and explain.
1. Aqua is a Latin root word. It means water. (Latin Root)
2. Bio is a Greek root word. It means life. (Greek Root)
3. A simile is a figurative language technique in which two things are
compared using the words “like” or “as”.
Aqua Words
Bio Words
Red Words
aqua aquarium aquatic aquamarine
aquanaut aqueduct aquifer
biodegradable biodiversity
biography biogeography biology
bioscience biopic biosphere
though through throw tough
Challenge Words from Hatchet Vocabulary:
1. exulted: to rejoice
a. Example: Brian exulted in his newfound ability to provide food for
2. exasperated: to be irritated to the point of giving up
a. Example: Brian was exasperated by his failed attempts to make a fire.
3. tension: a state of mental unrest
a. Example: Brian was filled with tension as he waited for the bear to
move away from him.
4. impaired: being in less than perfect or whole condition
a. Example: After the noise of the tornado, Brian’s hearing was
5. emaciated: to become extremely thin
a. Example: Brian’s lack of food was causing him to become emaciated.