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(iv) Intermittent Process:
Conflict is not as continuous as competition. It is an intermittent process. It takes place
suddenly and comes to an end quickly. It never continues for ever due to the occasional
occurrence of conflict.
(v) Conflict is based on violence:
Sometimes conflict takes the form of violence. Violence is harmful to the growth of the
society and retards the progress as it creates a number of problems.
If conflict occurs non-violently, it maintains peace in the society which is helpful for its
Causes of Conflict (Why does conflict take Place?)
Conflict is a deliberate process. It does not occur spontaneously. Although it is a universal
social process, its causes vary from individual to individual, group to group and from time to
time. It is caused not by single factor but by multiple factors.
The famous population list Malthus says that it is caused by the means of subsistence increase
in arithmetical progression and increase of population in geometrical progression. It implies
that conflict arises only when the population of a country increases and the means of
livelihood decreases. It results in the scarcity of the means of subsistence which leads to
Let us discuss some of the important causes of conflict.
Types of Conflict: