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It includes the positive functions of competitions. They are:
(i) The role and status of the individual members in the society is determined by competition.
Thus it assigns individuals their places in the social system.
(ii) It protects the individuals from direct conflicts and provides a solution to the problem of
limited supply and unlimited demand of goods in a peaceful way.
(iii) It furnishes motivation in the desire to excel or obtain recognition or to win an award.
(iv) Fair competition is conducive to economic as well as social progress and even to general
welfare as it spurs individuals and groups or to put in their best efforts.
(v) It provides social mobility to the individual members of the society. It helps them to
improve their social status.
(vi) The division of labor and the entire complex economic organization in modern life are the
products of competition.
(b) Negative Role:
Apart from the positive functions, competition also performs some negative functions.
(i) Unfair use of competition causes a great deal of wastage in the economic field.
(ii) Sometimes competition leads to exploitation when it is unrestricted.
(iii) Unhealthy competition creates psychological and emotional disturbances which is
harmful to the society.
(iv) If competition becomes uncontrolled it takes violent form, i.e. conflict.
So from the above discussion we come to know that healthy and fair competition should be
encouraged instead of unfair and unrestricted competition.
Another significant dissociative social process is conflict. It is an ever present process in
human society. Whenever a person or persons or groups seek to gain reward not by surpassing
other competitors but by preventing them from effective competition, conflict takes place. In
other words, it is a competition in its more hostile and personal forms. It is a process of
seeking to obtain rewards by eliminating or weakening the competitors. It is seen that conflict
makes an individual or group try to frustrate the effort of another individual or group who are
seeking the same object. It implies a struggle or fight among individuals or groups for a
particular purpose or a number of purposes.
For example, the movements like Civil Disobedience, Non- Co-operation and Satyagraha
launched by Mahatma Gandhi against the Britishers in India before Independence are conflict.
Even in today’s society conflict is found in every sphere like caste, religion, language, culture
and so on. Thus it is considered as a universal social process.