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In 66 AD, the Jews in Israel rebelled against
To end the rebellion, Romans stormed
Jerusalem, destroyed the temple, and exiled the
Jews who scattered around the Roman Empire
The Romans were suspicious of the Christians,
they viewed them as being unloyal to the
Roman Empire because they didn’t worship
Roman gods
Thousands were crucified, burned, or forced to
fight in the Coliseum
These early Christians who died for their
beliefs are called martyrs.
Other Christians saw
them as an example
of strong faith
Reasons for the popularity of Christianity
Embraced all people
 Gave hope
 Offered a personal relationship with God
 Promised an afterlife
In 312 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine had a
vision of a Christian cross right before a battle
He ordered his soldiers to
paint the cross on their shields.
He believed he won the battle
because the Christian God
protected him
A year later, he issued
the Edict of Milan which
said Christians could
worship in the
Roman Empire
In 380 AD, the Emperor Theodosius made
Christianity Rome’s official religion
Around this time Christians gave the church a
 Head of Church- authority comes from Jesus and
Apostle Peter
 As center of empire, Rome made sense to be center of
Bishops in major cities
Eventually disagreements arose about beliefs
The Church settled those disagreements
The Church came to be the moral force in
Turn to page 172
Read “The fathers of the Church” and the Primary
In your group discuss the question on the side
Eventually loyalty to the Church becomes more
important than loyalty to the Empire
The Church becomes the main unifying force of
Western Europe