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General Music Concepts
General music students are actively engaged in moving, speaking, singing, reading
musical notation and plating instruments. Music concepts are taught and reviewed throughout
the year.
Kindergarten Concepts
Steady beat, vocal tone production, four voices, high/low contrasts, long and short, contrasts in
timbre, dynamics, melodic direction.
First Grade Concepts
Steady beat, tempo, vocal tone production, phrases, rhythm patterns, quarter rest, high/low,
melodic direction, contrasts in timbre, rhythm versus beat, Quarter note, eighth notes, solfege
Second Grade Concepts
Steady beat, form, vocal tone production, solfege patterns, rhythm patterns, quarter note,
quarter rest, eighth notes, major/minor, solfege patterns, half note, half rest, triple meter.
Third Grade Concepts
Steady beat, meter, vocal tone production, solfege patterns, rhythm patterns, whole note,
whole rest, rounds, dotted half note, score reading, folk dancing.
Fourth Grade Concepts
Steady beat, duple/triple meters, vocal tone production, solfege, sixteenth notes, rondo,
syncopa, recorder playing, folk dancing.
Fifth Grade Concepts
Solfege, rhythm, dotted quarter note, recorder playing, chords, question and answer, folk
dancing, solfege patterns.
Sixth Grade Concepts
Solfege, rhythm, dotted eighth note, recorder playing, chords, blues, folk dancing, composing.