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Indian music
• Includes multiple varieties of folk, popular,
pop, classical music and R&B
• It has evolved over several eras
• Includes two subgenres- Hindustani and
Carnatic music
• Began as an integral part of socio-religious life
Hindustani Music
• The Hindustani or North Indian style of Indian
classical music
• Originated in Vedic ritual chants, but it has
been evolving since the 12th century CE
• Originated from what is now North India,
Pakistan and Bangladesh and to some extent
in Nepal and Afghanistan
Characteristics of
Hindustani music
• It has religious/philosophical roots
• Highly formalised grammar
• Has several different genres (e.g. Alap,
Masidkhani) and styles (Geeti, Bani or Baaj)
• Capable of intense expression in very slow
• Steady, long held notes
• Gradually builds up tempo
Carnatic music
• Associated with the southern part of the
Indian subcontinent
• Confined two four modern states: Andhra
Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu
• Evolved from ancient Hindu traditions
• Of a more recent origin
Characteristics of
Carnatic music
• Emphasis on vocal singing, most
compositions are written to be sung
• Composition based, hence very little
• Has a very constant and quick tempo from
the start
• Notes are not held for long
• It is usually performed by a small ensemble
Differences between
Hindustani and Carnatic
• Hindustani music uses various instruments,
Carnatic uses mostly vocals
• Hindustani builds up the tempo, yet Carnatic
has a constant, quick tempo so it lacks
intensity, introspection, microtones and
several ornaments found in Hindustani music
• Hindustani music contains more
• Carnatic music has short notes, yet
Hindustani music has long, held notes
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