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School of Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry
First Semester
Math I
Organic Chemistry I
Physics I
Inorganic Chemistry I
Seminar I
Second Semester
Math II
Cellular Biology I
Organic Chemistry II
Physics II
Inorganic Chemistry II
Seminar II
Workshop I
Third Semester
Organic Chemistry III
Physics III
Qualitative Analysis
Physical Chemistry I
Workshop II
Forth Semester
Probability and Statistics
General Biochemistry
Organic Chemistry IV
Quantitative Analysis
Physical Chemistry II
Workshop III
Fifth Semester
General Microbiology
Introduction to Industrial Chemistry
Instrumental Analysis
Physical Chemistry III
Sixth Semester
Quality Control
Experiment Design
Industrial Microbiology
Instrumental Analysis II
Material and Energy Balance
Workshop IV
Seventh Semester
Research Methodology
Project of Experimental Chemistry
Instrumental Analysis III
Materials Science
Summary of Industrial Chemistry
Workshop V
Eighth Semester
Industrial Safety
Experimental Chemistry
Chemical Industry Economics
Workshop VI