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Terms and Definitions
Predicate Tree (P-tree): A lossless tree that is vertically structured and horizontally
processed through fast multi-operand logical operations.
P-Tree Algebra: The set of logical operations, functions and properties of P-trees. Basic
logical operations include AND, OR, and complement.
Vertical Decomposition: A Process of partitioning a relational table of horizontal
records to separate vertical data files, either to attribute level or bit level, usually retaining
the original record order in each.
Vertical Database Design: A process of developing a vertical data model, usually with
intended data mining functionality that utilizes logical operations for fast data processing.
Vertical Data Mining: A process of finding pattern and knowledge from data that is
organized in vertical structures, which aims to address the scalability issues.
Multi-Layered Software Framework: A layer-based software environment where each
layer is a group of entities dedicated to perform a particular task.
DataMIMETM: A prototype system that has been designed and implemented on the top
of vertical database technology and multi-layered software framework by DataSURG
group at North Dakota State University, ND, USA.